Laracon Australia 2019 Videos


February 25th, 2020

Laracon Australia 2019 Videos

The Laracon Australia 2019 videos are available for everyone’s browsing pleasure on the Laracon AU website. For those of us that couldn’t make it to Sydney, Australia, we can watch the conference in its entirety online for free!

The 2019 lineup includes some stellar speakers, some of which are speaking again this year at Laracon VIII. Here are the topics covered in the Laracon AU 2019 videos:

  • Freek Van der Herten – Behind the scenes of Flare (not available until after Laracon Online 2020)
  • Michael Timbs – Testing Javascript: Building JavaScript applications you won’t hate
  • Max Snow – How to build an API in a day with Laravel API Boilerplate
  • Geshan Manandhar – Are logs a software engineer’s best friend? Yes – follow these best practices
  • Jess Archer – The Laravel developer’s guide to Vue SPAs
  • Sam Greenwood – Types & static analysis are good in PHP
  • Jess Budd – Making Single Page Apps accessible
  • Amy Kapernick – CSS Grid: What is this magic?!
  • Jason McCreary – Crafting maintainable Laravel applications
  • Marcus Moore – Behaviour Driven Development with Laravel
  • Ben Dechrai – Zero Knowledge: you can’t leak what you don’t know
  • Samuel Levy – Reformat, Refactor, Replace: A practical guide for dealing with legacy software
  • Patima Tantiprasut – Level up: The super dev
  • Tim MacDonald – Expressive Eloquent collections
  • Stephen Rowe – Managing a team building a modular monolith in Laravel
  • Marcel Pociot – Package design 101
  • Georgie Luhur Cooke – Not a designer? You can make your website more accessible

You can access all the talks on from the speaker pages, which includes details about the speaker as well as the video.

P.S. You can also view all the videos in one handy playlist on YouTube.

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