Laracon EU 2015 Recap


August 27th, 2015

Laracon EU

The European version of the Laravel conference just ended and even though I didn’t attend I followed along with a watchful eye to see what all I could share here on Laravel News. So far several slide decks have been published, and the response to the conference is overwhelming positive. Seems like the event went off without a hitch.

The Laracon EU went all out and I not only seen the Laracon logo direction sign drew with sidewalk chalk but a really amazing intro video:

Freek Van der Herten has written up his experience for each day of the conference, and you can get a full recap of all the talks from his site.

While reading his recap the following really stuck out to me:

Between and after the talks there was plenty of time to meet fellow artisans. I spoke to a lot a developers that I had never had the pleasure of meeting in person before. Hearing what they are working on, how they work, and generally getting to know them a bit is in my mind one of the most important benefits of attending a conference.

This has been my experience as well and a huge benefit to almost any conference. The friendships made in person can turn into something deeper and more lasting than what you will find on social media or from any digital form.

In the coming weeks videos of the talks are expected to be released so if you weren’t able to attend or want to watch your favorite talk again you’ll be in luck.

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