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May 4th, 2020


As most of you are aware, Laracon US 2020 was canceled due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions around the world. As hinted during the cancellation, Laracon 2020 will be an online event, filled with amazing speakers and the latest Laravel announcements!

We now have more details and a beautiful updated Laracon Online Website designed by Few.

Taylor announced the news on the Laravel blog, including this bit of new detail about the broader global Laravel community being able to participate in major feature announcements each year:

Typically, I make the year’s major feature announcements live on stage at Laracon US. This is an incredibly exciting time, but it bothers me that many people around the world will never get a chance to experience those announcements live.

Previously, only those in attendance of Laracon US would hear firsthand about new exciting features and new products in the ecosystem. Still, now the global audience can be in attendance and learn about this year’s new features firsthand.

This change will stay in place after 2020 in fact, so you can count on being part of major announcements each year if you choose to attend Laracon Online:

This is where I will be sharing all of the cool features and tools coming in the next release of Laravel with thousands of developers in over one hundred countries around the world. In fact, I’ve decided to make this the main venue I make major feature announcements beyond 2020 as well. I want as many developers as possible to be able to stream and chat about the latest Laravel goodies.

The same speaker lineup planned for Laracon 2020 US remains in place, with more speaker announcements to come.

What does this mean for the current Laracon Online event?

The Laracon online event that happens each year around February will feature a new format to differentiate it from the summer event, but exact details are still forthcoming (stay tuned).

What does this mean for future Laracon US events?

Taylor mentioned in his announcement that a live, in-person event is possible in 2021 and that “…the event will likely have an emphasis on deep-diving into the nitty-gritty details of the feature announcements made during our online event.”

We’d love to see you at the conference this summer! You can buy tickets now on the Laracon Online Website for $29!

This conference is jam-packed with excellent speakers at an affordable price. Be sure to check out for event details.

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