Laracon Online Summer 2021


July 26th, 2021

Laracon Online Summer 2021

Laracon Online is coming back to you live on September 1st, 2021! No hotels, no airfare, just signup and spend the day watching some of the best speakers right from your computer.

Speaker Lineup

This event features 12 smooth-paced 30-minute talks from a wide variety of topics so you can learn new sick development techniques and tricks:

  • Asynchronous Laravel - Mohamed Said
  • Bugfixing Your Career - Diana Scharf
  • Getting The Most Out Of Cashier Stripe & Paddle - Dries Vints
  • Why Refactoring Is The Best Tool To Write Better Code - Christoph Rumpel
  • Laravel Updates - Taylor Otwell
  • Types In Laravel - Nuno Maduro
  • Top Ten Tailwind Tricks - Caneco
  • How To Write Delightful Documentation - Allie Nimmons
  • Think Like a Hacker - Stephen Rees-Carter
  • Manage SEO with Laravel and Nova - Kristin Collins
  • Inertia.js Forms, Modals & SSR - Jonathan Reinink
  • Practical Laravel Unit Testing - Colin DeCarlo

This year also features the following lightening talks:

  • Learning In Public - Zuzana Kunckova
  • Tailwind Grid - Shruti Balasa
  • Inclusive Language Practices - Marje Holmstrom-Sabo
  • An Introduction To Snapshot Testing - Freek Van der Herten
  • Level Up Your App With Composite Primary Keys - Alex Wulf

Get your ticket today

Each ticket allows you to watch the conference live, access to all the recordings of the talks after the event, and digital conference swag. Get your tickets to Laracon Online now!

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