Laracon Online videos are now out


August 28th, 2020

Laracon Online videos are now out

Now that Laracon Online is over, we’ve processed all the videos and they are now available for all the ticket holders. If you haven’t got a ticket, there is still time. For $29, you get access to all the videos from the event…

  • Freek Van der Herten – A practical look at multitenancy in Laravel
  • Jenny Shen – Build bridges, not walls—Design for users across cultures
  • Jonathan Reinink – Building modern monoliths with Inertia.js
  • Jeffrey Way – Bad is Good.
  • Taylor Otwell – Exploring Laravel 8.x
  • Prosper Otemuyiwa – Supercharging Laravel apps with machine learning
  • Colin DeCarlo – The importance of practice
  • Matt Stauffer – Don’t cry when your dev dependencies die
  • Marcel Pociot – Refactoring to simplicity
  • Adam Wathan – Building a Component Library with Tailwind CSS
  • Jessica Archer – The Laravel developer’s guide to Vue SPAs – part 2
  • April Dunford – Power Positioning – How to Harness a Marketing Superpower
  • Caleb Porzio – All The Cool New Things In Livewire & Alpine
  • Tim MacDonald – Follow the Eloquent road
  • Jack Ellis – How we scaled Fathom Analytics to handle billions of requests

Plus, you can access the digital swag, which a lot of expires soon, so you’d need to take advantage of that now. Some of the swag includes winning an iPhone 11 Pro or a Google Pixel 4, many discounts and credits for both courses and services, and more.

We are having all the videos processed for closed captioning, but it’s going to take a few days. We will update the videos with those as soon as the company working on them completes them.

Thanks to everyone for attending and making Laracon Online a great event!

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