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LaraStream – A Laravel live stream community
News / February 19, 2018

LaraStream – A Laravel live stream community

Have you ever wanted to stream a coding session? LaraStream is a new live streaming service created by Jordan Dalton where you can live stream your next coding session.

“Over the years the Laravel community has continuously blown me away, from their willingness to push the framework to the max, going to #1 on GitHub, while giving the rest of us some amazing packages to integrate into our own projects”, Jordan said, “I still felt something was missing—another layer of social behavior that can add even more value to an already amazing community—live interaction.”

This is why he created LaraStream and since it’s launch a few weeks ago the site has been steadily growing and currently features 177 users and over 60 hours of streams.

Check it out and stream your next coding session. They even have a guide to get you started.

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