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This week, the Laravel team released v10.19 with a collection percentage method, custom event discovery class resolution, dynamic queue listener delay, and more:

Word wrap string method

Josh Bonnick contributed a wordWrap method to the Laravel String API, which splits strings within a string using a character limit. This method is a wrapper for PHP's wordwrap function:

use Illuminate\Support\Str;
$text = "A very long woooooooooooord."
// Str
Str::wordWrap(string: $text, characters: 8);
A very
// Stringable
str($text)->wordWrap(string: $text, characters: 8);

Add percentage method to collections

Wendell Adriel contributed a percentage() method to collections that allows you to calculate a percentage based on custom logic using a truth test:

$collection = new $collection([
['name' => 'Taylor', 'foo' => 'foo'],
['name' => 'Nuno', 'foo' => 'bar'],
['name' => 'Dries', 'foo' => 'bar'],
['name' => 'Jess', 'foo' => 'baz'],
$collection->percentage(fn ($value) => $value['foo'] === 'foo'); // 25.00
$collection->percentage(fn ($value) => $value['foo'] === 'bar'); // 50.00
$collection->percentage(fn ($value) => $value['foo'] === 'baz'); // 25.00
$collection->percentage(fn ($value) => $value['foo'] === 'test'); // 0.00

Ability to customize class resolution in Event discovery

@bastien-phi contributed the ability to customize class resolution for Event discovery:

This PR adds the ability to customize the way the translation is done and unlocks event discovery in such DDD structures.

Here's an example of a custom callback in Pull Request #48031's tests, which illustrates how this can be used:

use Illuminate\Foundation\Events\DiscoverEvents;
DiscoverEvents::guessClassNamesUsing(function (SplFileInfo $file, $basePath) {
return Str::of($file->getRealPath())
->replace(DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR, '\\')

Specify listener delay dynamically

@CalebW contributed support for listeners to define a withDelay() method that can determine queue listener delay:

class Listener implements ShouldQueue
public function __invoke(Event $event): void
// ...
public function withDelay(Event $event): int
return $event->fooBar
? <short_delay>
: <long_delay>;

Add dynamic return types to the rescue helper

Choraimy Kroonstuiver contributed a PHPDoc update to help static analysis tools understand the generic return types of the rescue() helper. There are no code examples to see here, but the updated Docblock looks as follows after this update:

* Catch a potential exception and return a default value.
* @template TRescueValue
* @template TRescueFallback
* @param callable(): TRescueValue $callback
* @param (callable(\Throwable): TRescueFallback)|TRescueFallback $rescue
* @param bool|callable $report
* @return TRescueValue|TRescueFallback
function rescue(callable $callback, $rescue = null, $report = true)
// ...
// Examples:
assertType('int|null', rescue(fn () => 123));
assertType('int', rescue(fn () => 123, 345));
assertType('int', rescue(fn () => 123, fn () => 345));

You can learn more about Generics By Examples on the PHPStan blog.

Add count argument to createMany and createManyQuietly

Jordan Welch contributed the ability to pass an integer to createMany() and createManyQuietly() on model factories to create that number of models:

// Before:
$users = User::factory()->createMany([[], [], []]);
// After:
$users = User::factory()->createMany(3);
$this->assertCount(3, $users);
$this->assertInstanceOf(Eloquent\Collection::class, $users);

Release notes

You can see the complete list of new features and updates below and the diff between 10.18.0 and 10.19.0 on GitHub. The following release notes are directly from the changelog:


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