Laravel 5.5.14 Released


October 4th, 2017


Laravel v5.5.14 is now released and available. This is a decent sized release with a mix of new features, changes, and bug fixes:


  • Allow testing anonymous notifiables (#21379)
  • Add relation and model attributes on RelationNotFoundException (#21426)
  • Allow passing a callback to with() (#21445)
  • Added PotentiallyMissing interface to MissingValue class (be7dccc)
  • Accept $queue name on Schedule::job() (#21473)
  • Added callback and default parameter whenLoaded() method (#21490)
  • Allow marking notifications as unread (#21497)
  • Added Collection::mapToDictionary() method (#21505)
  • Added make:exception command (#21483)


  • Reset RefreshDatabaseState after DatabaseMigrations rolls back (#21325)
  • Make sure page resolver returns an integer (#21378)
  • Allow single error messages in ValidationException::withMessages() (#21400)
  • Revert Collection::sortBy() behaviour to 5.4 (#21382)
  • Use fill instead of forceFill while storing pivot attributes (#21403)
  • Alphabetize vendor:publish options (#21412)
  • Extract AnonymousResourceCollection into class to allow serialization (#21456)
  • Extract some methods from Resource into ConditionallyLoadsAttributes trait (28d945e, 1f37ccc)


  • Ensure user is logged in before expecting user instance (#21377)
  • Remove leading slash from class while resolving controllers (#21407)
  • Make sure SQL for virtual columns is added after the unsigned modifier (#21441)
  • Fixed Collection::contains() when the found value is null (#21442)
  • Fixed merge issue in Relation::morphMap() (#21458)
  • Clear count query select bindings in Relation::getRelationExistenceCountQuery() (#21468)
  • Fixed user model type hints policy stub (#21499)

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