Laravel v5.5.28 Released


December 29th, 2017

Laravel v5.5.28 Released

Likely the last release of 2017, Laravel 5.5.28 shipped on December 28th.

A notifyNow() method was added to the AnonymousNotifyable class, which allows you to do:

Notification::route('mail', '')
->notifyNow(new UserNotification($message));

This release also adds an EventFake::assertDispatchedTimes() method to assert the number of times an event is dispatched.

Also worth mentioning, a fix was merged for properly handling inline message for size rules.

v5.5.28 (2017-12-26)


  • Added AnonymousNotifiable::notifyNow() method (#22530)
  • Added EventFake::assertDispatchedTimes() method (#22528)


  • Check for --no-interaction flag on command calls (#22515, ba5e31d)


  • Fix Validator not handling properly inline messages for size rules (#22518, 690d9fc)

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