Laravel 5.5.29 Released

Laravel 5.5.29 Released

Laravel 5.5.29, released Monday, is the first release of Laravel 5.5 in 2018.

You can now qualify an column in a model with the Model::qualifyColumn() method, which works like this:

// -> articles.title

The new qualifyColumn() method was applied internally to clean up some receptive code. For example, in the BelongsTo relation:

// Previous code

// New code

Support for new author fields in the Slack message attachment is available now: author_icon, author_link, and author_name.

This release has quite a few additions, changes, and fixes—here are the full release notes:

v5.5.29 (2018-01-15)


  • Added Model::qualifyColumn() method (#22577)
  • Added support for the author_* fields to SlackAttachment (#22610)
  • Added UrlGenerator::getDefaultParameters() method (#22572)
  • Added option to double encode escaped strings (61f8477)
  • Added BladeCompiler::doubleEncode() method (1cc96a1)
  • Added support for nested keys to TestResponse::assertJsonCount() (#22740)
  • Added s3:// to protocol to URL validation (#22752)
  • Added option to disable wrapping migrations in transaction (#22757)


  • Use Arr::get() in Collection::get() (#22554)
  • Pass entire config to FtpAdapter (#22539)
  • Support extending Eloquent relationships (#22617)
  • Improved handling of VerifyCsrfToken::$except values (#22619, #22661)
  • Support multiple levels in Collection::groupBy() (#22630)
  • Clear user instance in RequestGuard::setRequest() (#22649)
  • Allow StudlyCase and snake_case migration names (#22648)
  • Set null as default value for optional() helper (#22699)
  • Make sure getRememberToken() returns a string (#22724)
  • Updated Vue preset version (#22732)
  • Accept Arrayable items in Collection::find() (#22787)


  • Close database connection when using RefreshDatabase trait (#22569)
  • Send status code 500 when using dd() (#22581)
  • Fixed parameter usage in RedirectController (#22657)
  • Added __set_state() method to Support/Carbon (#22689)
  • Do not continue checking APP_ENV if environment file path being set successfully with --env option (#22753)
  • Fixed missing table prefix in SQLiteGrammar::compileDropColumn() (#22745, c13322c)
  • Fixed prefixing in SQLiteGrammar::compileColumnListing() (#22781)

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