Laravel 5.5.33 Is Now Available, Learn About What’s in the New Release


January 31st, 2018

Laravel 5.5.33 Is Now Available, Learn About What’s in the New Release

Laravel 5.5.33 is now available as of Monday, January 29th with some excellent convenience methods ranging from the query builder to collections and testing.

First up Jonathan Reinink added a “not exists” method to the query builder which is named doesntExist():

User::where('email', '')->doesntExist();

Roberto Aguilar added a new test response assertion assertHeaderMissing() that is the inverse of the assertHeader():


The Illuminate\Support\Collection now has a new higher order unique(), which was contributed by Justin Seliga:

Here’s an example from a php artisan tinker session if you want to experiment:

use \Illuminate\Support\Collection;
>>> $c = new Collection([
... ['id' => '1', 'name' => 'first'],
... ['id' => '1', 'name' => 'second'],
... ['id' => '3', 'name' => 'third'],
... ]);
>>> $c->unique->id
=> Illuminate\Support\Collection {#751
all: [
0 => [
"id" => "1",
"name" => "first",
2 => [
"id" => "3",
"name" => "third",

A Boolean toggle was added to withTrashed() by Kuba Szymanowski, which decides whether or not to included trashed records:

Model::withTrashed(true)->get(); // Retrieves trashed records
Model::withTrashed(false)->get(); // Does not retrieve trashed records

The use-case is to avoid a splitting control flow, but you can continue to use withTrashed() without passing any arguments. Here’s an example to further understand the change:

// New use-case
public function index(Request $request)
return User::withTrashed($request->showDeleted)->get();
// Before pre-5.5.33, you can continue to do this...
public function index(Request $request)
$query = User::query();
if ($request->showDeleted) {
return $query->get();

Here are the full release notes for Laravel 5.5.33:

v5.5.33 (2018-01-30)


  • Added notExists() method to query builder (#22836, 9d2a7ca)
  • Added assertHeaderMissing() assertion (#22849, #22866)
  • Added support for higher order unique (#22851)
  • Added boolean toggle to withTrashed() (#22888)


  • Support Mix HMR with different host/port (#22826, 24897d6)
  • Make route filtering by method case-insensitive (#22856)
  • Added missing PostgreSQL operator for array overlap (#22903)

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