Laravel 5.6.11 Released

Laravel 5.6.11 Released

Laravel v5.6.10 is available as of Friday, which included a patch for a Carbon 1.24.0, which was then followed up by another fix tagged as Laravel 5.6.11.

Most of the new features happened in Laravel 5.6.10, so here are a few highlights:

First up, is Blueprint::dropMorphs(), which is used to indicate which polymorphic columns (and indexes) should be dropped.

Mailables now have the ability to attach a file to a message from storage with two new public methods, Mailable::attachFromStorage() and Mailable::attachFromStorageDisk().

The last new change in Laravel 5.6.10 is new orWhere query builder methods for orWhereDay, orWhereMonth, and orWhereYear:

\App\User::whereDay('created_at', '=', 1)
    ->orWhereDay('created_at', '=', 2);

The last thing of note between the release of 5.6.10 and 5.6.11 releases are a few fixes for Carbon, resolved in Laravel 5.6.11. The Laravel 5.5 branch also includes two tagged releases that provide fixes for Carbon 1.24.0 and Carbon 1.24.1. You can find all this and more in the full 5.6 changelogs for both releases:

Laravel 5.6.11 (2018-03-09)


  • Fix for Carbon 1.24.1 (#23464)

Laravel 5.6.10 (2018-03-09)


  • Added Blueprint::dropMorphs() (#23431)
  • Added Mailable::attachFromStorage() methods (0fa361d)
  • Added orWhere*() builder methods for day, month and year (#23449)


  • Added v-pre to dropdown link in app.stub (98fdbb0)
  • Handle more JSON errors gracefully when JSON_PARTIAL_OUTPUT_ON_ERROR is set (#23410, 972b82a)
  • Add bubble, permission and locking config to single/daily log (#23439)
  • Use Str::contains() instead of str_contains() (ae4cb28)


  • Fixed unique() call in Validator::validate() (#23432)
  • Fix for Carbon 1.24.0 (67d8a4b)

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