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Two Laravel releases have shipped this week: Laravel 5.6.13, released Monday, and Laravel 5.6.14, released on Wednesday. The highlight of these releases for me is the new view:cache artisan command and a few new higher order proxies on the collection class.

New Updates in 5.6.14

Laravel 5.6.14 adds SessionGuard::logoutOtherDevices() which invalidates other sessions for the current user. The application must be using the AuthenticateSession middleware.

A SlackMessage::info() method was added. SlackMessage’s default level is info, but this method allows you to be explicit about it.

Various templates and stubs replaced or with the null coalesce operator. If you want more info on removing or in Laravel 5.7, we wrote about updating your blade templates to use the null coalesce operator ahead of time.

New Updates in 5.6.13

I am extremely excited about the new view:cache command added that caches your blade templates, efficiently allowing you the “warm” your template cache during a deploy, for example!

You can update your deployments to run artisan view:cache to preemptively prime your cache instead of cache happening on-the-fly.

The min() and max() are now higher order proxies on collections:

$ tinker
>>> $accounts = collect([
... (object) ['balance' => 100],
... (object) ['balance' => 200]
... ]);
>>> $accounts->max->balance
=> 200

Two new blade directives, @elseauth and @elseguest were added:


The optional helper now has callback support, which lets you pipe the value into an outside function, which also guarantees that you’re not passing the function null. I think this change is explained clearly by looking at the test added with this new feature:

public function testOptionalWithCallback()
$this->assertNull(optional(null, function () {
throw new RuntimeException(
'The optional callback should not be called for null'
$this->assertEquals(10, optional(5, function ($number) {
return $number * 2;

Using optional without a callback continues to work as usual:

optional($userNoAccount->account)->id // null
optional($user->account)->id; // 2

Here’s the full release notes from the Laravel 5.6 changelog:

v5.6.14 (2018-03-28)


  • Added SlackMessage::info() method (#23711)
  • Added SessionGuard::logoutOtherDevices() method (9c51e49)


  • Replaced Blade’s or operator with null-coalescing operator (13f732e)


  • Get Blade compiler from engine resolver (#23710)
  • Default to an empty string when validating the URL signatures (#23721)

v5.6.13 (2018-03-26)


  • Added view:cache command (9fd1273, 2ab8acf)
  • Added min() and max() to as higher order proxies (#23560)
  • Added @elseauth and @elseguest Blade directives (#23569)
  • Added support for hashing configuration (#23573, d6e3ca9)
  • Allow tagged cache keys to be incremented/decremented (#23578)
  • Added SeeInOrder constraint to avoid risky test notices (#23594, ca39449)
  • Support higher order groupBy() (#23608)
  • Support disabling setting created_at in models (#23667)
  • Added callback support to optional() helper (#23688)
  • Added Eloquent\Collection::loadMorph() method (#23626)


  • Support generating a signed route with a UrlRoutable parameter (#23584)
  • Use DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR in Application::environmentFilePath() (#23596)
  • Support states on model factory after callbacks (#23551, #23676)
  • Use hash_equals() for verifying URL signatures (#23618)
  • Refactored Exceptions/Handler (f9162c9, 6c5d971)
  • Changed status code of InvalidSignatureException from 401 to 403 (#23662, c99911f)


  • Revered breaking changes in ManagesLoops (d0a2613)
  • Set exit status in serve command (#23689)
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