Laravel 5.6.16 Released


April 10th, 2018


The latest version of Laravel 5.6, version 5.6.16, is officially available as of Monday with a couple of new features, including support for executing console commands using the class name.

Execute Commands with a Class Name

When you call a console command, you typically use the console command name to execute it programmatically:

1Artisan::call('report:daily', [
2 'Provider' => 1

Now with class support, you can call consoles by the name of the class:

1Artisan::call(DailyReportCommand::class, [
2 'Provider' => 1

Macroable View

The View is now “macroable”, which means you can define custom methods via a service provider boot() method just like many of the other services that ship with Laravel. You can learn more about it reading the source code of the Macroable trait in Laravel 5.6.

IAM Role Session Token

If you are using the Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) driver for email, you can now set an AWS_SESSION_TOKEN in the configuration. If you are using an IAM role, sending an email will fail with an invalid session token error. You can pass the token as follows in your configuration:

1return [
2 'ses' => [
3 'key' => env('AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID'),
4 'secret' => env('AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY'),
5 'token' => env('AWS_SESSION_TOKEN'),
6 'region' => env('AWS_REGION', 'eu-west-1'),
7 ],

Here are the full release notes for Laravel 5.6.16:

v5.6.16 (2018-04-09)


  • Support executing artisan commands using class names (#23764)
  • Make View macroable (#23787)
  • Added database Connection::unsetEventDispatcher() method (#23832)
  • Support IAM role session token to be used with SES (#23766)


  • Added displayable value to required_unless rule (#23833)


  • Fixed RedisQueue::blockingPop() check when using PhpRedis (#23757)

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