Laravel 5.6.18 Released


April 30th, 2018

Laravel 5.6.18 Released

Laravel 5.6.18 was released on Friday with added support for MySQL 8 compatibility, support for custom filesystem driver URLs, more PostgreSQL operators, and added support for JSONP callbacks when broadcasting to Pusher.

First, the MySqlConnector now supports MySQL version 8. The updated connector now checks for 8.0.11 and adjusts the sql_mode appropriately because theNO_AUTO_CREATE_USER SQL mode is invalid in MySQL 8.0.11.

Next, some filesystem drivers don’t support URLs at the adapter level, but through Flysystem plugins URL support is possible. Now a method_exists($this->driver, 'getUrl') check allows URL support via the FilesystemAdapter.

More PostgreSQL operators were added, including:

  • not ilike
  • is distinct from
  • is not distinct from

Next up, pagination accessibility was improved by adding appropriate attributes, including aria-disabled=true on disabled items, aria-hidden="true" to hide decoration arrows from screen readers, and aria-current="page" to mark the current page.

Last, be mindful of a bugfix change of ValidationException in ThrottlesLogins was changed to 429 TOO MANY REQUESTS from 423.

Here are the full release notes for Laravel 5.6.18:

v5.6.18 (2018-04-26)


  • Added support for MySQL 8 (#23948)
  • Added support for custom filesystem drivers URLs (#23964)
  • Added more PostgreSQL operators (#23945)
  • Added support for JSONP callback when broadcasting using Pusher (#24018, b9ab427)


  • Support chaining using $this->be() helper (#23919)
  • Improved pagination accessibility (#23962)
  • Changed response code of ValidationException in ThrottlesLogins to 429 (#24002)
  • Throw exception if called command doesn’t exist (#23942)
  • Made notification email translatable (#23903)


  • Fixed saving timestamp columns on pivots without parent (#23917)
  • Quote collation names in MySQL migrations (#23989)
  • Fixed sending plain-text only emails (#23981)
  • Fixed counting the number of jobs on Queue::fake() (#23933)

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