Laravel 5.6.22 and 5.6.21 Released


May 17th, 2018

Laravel 5.6.22 and 5.6.21 Released

Laravel 5.6.21 was released on May 8th with some new comparison validation rules and Redis connections now implement a new Connection contract interface.

The new comparison validation rules include: gt, lt, get, and lte. These validation rules can be used to compare numeric values, file sizes, array sizes, and string length.

You should add the new language config for the newly added validation rules. Because of the new Redis contract, if you have any custom Redis connections, you need to add this new interface. Check out the PR for more details.

In Laravel 5.6.22, a new Eloquent collection method Collection::loadMissing() was added. You can learn more about loadMissing from the Eloquent relationships documentation.

Here’s the full changelog for both 5.6.21 and 5.6.22:

v5.6.22 (2018-05-15)



  • Support updating NPM dependencies from preset (#24189, a6542b0)
  • Support returning Responsable from middleware (#24201)

v5.6.21 (2018-05-08)


  • Added FilesystemManager::forgetDisk() method (#24057, cbfb4fb)
  • Added --allow parameter to down command (#24003)
  • Added more comparison validation rules (gt, lt, gte, lte) (#24091, #24135)
  • Added TestResponse::assertCookieNotExpired() method (#24119)


  • Redis connections now implement the Contracts/Redis/Connection interface (#24142)


  • Fixed unsetting request parameters during HEAD requests (#24092)
  • Fixed HasManyThrough returning incorrect results with chunk() (#24096, 5d3d98a)
  • Fixed dateBasedWhere() with raw expressions when using SQLite (#24102)
  • Fixed whereYear() not accepting integers when using SQLite (#24115)
  • Remove full base URL from generated paths (#24101)

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