Laravel 5.6.34 Released

Laravel 5.6.34 Released

We’ve had an exciting week in Laravel-land, with the launch of Laravel Nova on Wednesday! Tuesday’s release of Laravel 5.6.34 released quietly before Nova, bringing a few changes and a URL validation compatibility fix for PHP 7.3.

First up, the whereRowValues changes to properly wrap columns:

$builder = DB::table('table')->whereRowValues(['column1', 'column2'], '=', ['foo', 'bar']);

// expected: select * from "table" where ("column1", "column2") = (?, ?)
// actual:   select * from "table" where (column1, column2) = (?, ?)

Next, the default mail template’s copyright phrase (i.e., “All rights reserved.”) is localizable. Here’s the implementation:

@lang('All rights reserved.')

The last change was updating the behavior of the EventFake to dispatch non-faked events. The previous functionality was not to execute any event listeners. Now, all events that are not faked are dispatched.

Here’s the full changelog for 5.6.34:

v5.6.34 (2018-08-21)


  • Wrap columns in whereRowValues (#25179)
  • Make copyrights line localizable in mail messages (#25183)
  • When specifying events to be faked, other events should be normally dispatched (#25185)


  • Fix URL validation pattern on PHP 7.3 (#25194)

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