Laravel 5.6.4 Released

Laravel 5.6.4 Released

Laravel 5.6.4 was released yesterday, with highlights including support for callbacks as custom log drivers and a Blade method for include aliases.

As of 5.6, you can define a custom logger using __invoke() as follows:

'channels' => [
    'custom' => [
        'driver' => 'custom',
        'via' => App\Logging\CreateCustomLogger::class,

Now in Laravel 5.6.4, it’s possible to define a custom channel with a callable in the config/logging.php config file:

'channels' => [
    'custom' => [
        'driver' => 'custom',
        'via' => [App\Logging\MyCustomLogger::class, 'make'],

With a static function:


namespace App\Logging;

use Monolog\Logger;

class MyCustomLogger
    public static function make(array $config)
        return new Logger(...);

Also added is a Blade::include() for include aliases. Take the following template for example:

<input type="{{ $type ?? 'text' }}">

With the following include:


And finally, here’s how you can use it:

@input(['type' => 'email'])

Here are the full release notes from the Laravel 5.6 changelog:

v5.6.4 (2018-02-21)


  • Added the ability to set message ID right hand side (#23181)
  • Support callbacks as custom log drivers (#23184)
  • Added Blade::include() method for include aliases (#23172)
  • Added broadcastType() method to notifications (#23236, 4227bd7)


  • Moved clone logic from FormRequestServiceProvider to Request (b0c2459)
  • Changed pagination arrow symbols (#23127)
  • Update React version in preset (#23134)
  • Added an empty error bag when rendering HTTP exception views (#23139)
  • Normalized actions when using route:list command (#23148)
  • Updated required Carbon version (201bbec)
  • Improved BadMethodCallException messages (#23232)
  • Support date validation rules when comparison has relative time (#23211)


  • Returns same Logger instance from LogManager (#23118)
  • Register missing hash.driver DI (#23114)
  • Fixed an issue with starting two database transactions in tests (#23132)
  • Don’t replace tightenco/collect (#23147, #23153, #23160)
  • Catch InvalidFileException when loading invalid environment file (#23149, 5695079)
  • Fixed an issue with assertRedirect() (#23176)
  • Fixed dropdown accessibility (#23191)
  • Fixed --force flag on GeneratorCommand (#23230)


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