Laravel 5.7.10 Released


October 24th, 2018

The Laravel team shipped Laravel 5.7.10 yesterday with a handful of new features, fixes, and changes:

loadCount Eloquent Collection Method

First up, is the ability to load relationship counts on an Eloquent collection. Before this feature, you could only load relationships, but now you can call loadCount() to get counts for all relations.

The pull request illustrates how you could use loadCount() with the following example:

$events = Event::latest()->with('eventable')->paginate();

$groups = $events->map(function ($event) {
    return $event->eventable;
})->groupBy(function ($eventable) {
    return get_class($eventable);


return new EventIndexResponse($events);

Now all the eventable models would have a count value for comments or hearts respectively. The loadCount feature was added by Tim MacDonald. Tim is the author of the Laravel Log Fake package that we featured earlier this month. Nice work Tim!

Pass a Model to assertSoftDeleted

You can use the assertSoftDeleted to assert that a model has been soft deleted. Before Laravel 5.7.10, the method call might look something like the following:

$this->assertSoftDeleted('users', [
    'id' => $user->id,
    'name' => $user->name,
    'email' => $deletedUser->email,

Now, thanks to an update to the assertSoftDeleted method, you can pass the model directly which will assert against the table’s primary key and primary key value:


// Same as:
$this->assertSoftDeleted('users', ['id' => $user->id]);

Thanks to Dwight Watson for this nice shortcut!

Add Mock and Spy Objects to the Container

Titas Gailius added the ability to more conveniently add mock and spy instances to the container in a test:

$this->mock(Mailer::class, function ($mock) {

$this->spy(Dispatcher::class, function ($mock) {

These methods are syntactic sugar for something like the following:

$this->instance(Mailer::class, Mockery::mock(Mailer::class, function ($mock) {

UUID Validation

André Filipe contributed a UUID validation method which uses a regex to avoid dependency of ramsey/uuid in the illuminate/validation component.

The name of the validation rule is uuid:

    'post' => 'required|uuid'

Notification Fake can Assert a Preferred Locale

Derek MacDonald added the ability to assert the preferred notification fake locale on notifications that implement the HasLocalePreference interface:


$user = factory(User::class)->create(['locale' => 'au']);

// Call an artisan console command that invokes:
Notification::send($user, new AFLTrade('Chad Wingard', 'Hawthorn'));

Notification::assertSentTo($user, AFLTrade::class, function ($notification, $channels, $notifiable, $locale) use ($user) {
    return $notification->player === 'Chad Wingard' &&
        $notification->club === 'Hawthorn' &&
        $notifiable === $user &&
        $locale === 'au';

You can see the full diff between 5.7.9 and 5.7.10 on GitHub, and the full release notes below from the 5.7 changelog:



  • Added loadCount method to eloquent collections (#25997)
  • Added support for identity columns in PostgreSQL 10+ (#26096)
  • Allowed passing a model instance directly to assertSoftDeleted method in Foundation/Testing/Concerns/InteractsWithDatabase.php (#26133 , #26148)
  • Added possibility to define exclude methods on registered apiResource (#26149)
  • Added filp/whoops to suggest in composer.json (#26180)
  • Added mock and spy methods to Foundation/Testing/Concerns/InteractsWithContainer.php (#26171, b50f9f3)
  • Added uuid validation rule to validator (#26135)
  • NotificationFake can assert preferred locale (#26205)


  • Fixed whereHas and $withCount bindings from polymorphic relationships (#26145)
  • Fixed getTable method in Model (#26085)
  • Fixed filesystem locking hangs in PackageManifest::build() (#26010, 98b8256)
  • Fixed Illuminate/Http/Testing/File.php for Symfony 4.1 components (#26080)
  • Fixed URL in Notifications/resources/views/email.blade.php (22ca105)
  • Fixed hasValidSignature method when someone send a null signature in UrlGenerator.php (#26132)
  • Fixed autocomplete for container in ServiceProvider for cases when someone developed packages (#26063)
  • Fixed ColumnDefinition::default typehint (#26041)


  • Define mix as const in react-stubs/webpack.mix.js and vue-stubs/webpack.mix.js presets (#26119)
  • Make assertSessionHasNoErrors in TestResponse.php print the unexpected errors (#26039, e6bdf8a)
  • Replaced the remaining occurrences of newQuery() to newModelQuery() in UPDATE/DELETE queries. (#26158)
  • Improved findOrFail() exceptions in BelongsToMany.php and HasManyThrough.php relations (#26182)

Changed realization

  • Reversed ternary condition in Arr::wrap to make it clearer (#26150)
  • Simplified formatAction in UrlGenerator.php (#26121)
  • Simplified isChainOfObjects method in Support/Testing/Fakes/QueueFake.php (#26151)
  • Deleted unneeded code (#26053, #26162, #26160, #26159, #26152)
  • Prefer stricter comparison (#26139, #26157)
  • Removed duplicated code from Router::updateGroupStack method (#26206, 6debff6)

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