Laravel 5.7.12 Released


October 31st, 2018


The latest Laravel 5.7 release, 5.7.12, is here with new additions, changes, and bugfixes:

First, the CacheManager class has a new forgetDriver() method that allows you to drop a connection already opened by the cache manager. This feature allows you to force a connection to reconnect or you change config options and want to create the connection again.

You can now get HTTP route middleware groups with a new getMiddlewareGroups() method.

According to the pull request:

This getter allows to create tests for the route middleware groups, which is currently not possible because the property is protected.

For example, if you want to ensure that the web group is using a middleware to track utm campaigns, with this getter you can write:

1/** @test */
2public function it_registers_the_track_utm_middleware_in_the_web_group()
4 $groups = resolve(\App\Http\Kernel::class)->getMiddlewareGroups();
6 $this->assertContains(\App\Http\Middleware\TrackUTM::class, $groups['web']);

The last new addition to the framework is a new SQLite configuration option foreign_key_constraints, which you can use the enable/disable foreign key constraints.

You can see the full diff between 5.7.11 and 5.7.12 on GitHub, and the full release notes below from the 5.7 changelog.

I would also like to point out that Tetiana Blindaruk has been organizing the 5.7 changelog and publishing release announcements on Laravel Announcements.

Thanks for your contributions, Tetiana!

Release Notes for 5.7.x



  • Added CacheManager::forgetDriver method (#26264, fd9ef49)
  • Added Illuminate\Foundation\Http\Kernel::getMiddlewareGroups method (#26268)
  • Added an sqlite config option (foreign_key_constraints) to enable / disable foreign key constraints (#26298, 674f8be, #26306)


  • Checked $absolute parameter in UrlGenerator::signedRoute (#26265)
  • Fixed error in resource building after running php artisan preset none command (41becda, #26244)
  • Fixed whereDoesntHave() and doesntHave() with nested relationships (#26228)
  • Fixed filesystem locking hangs in PackageManifest::build() (#26254)


  • Made expectation closure optional for InteractsWithContainer::mock and InteractsWithContainer::spy (#26242)
  • Allowed multiple createPayloadCallback on queues (#26250, 6e3d568)
  • Changed wording on default 403 view (#26258)
  • Bump vue.js to ^2.5.17 in artisan preset vue command (89f56bf, #26244)
  • Allowed adding additional $manyMethods when extending the model class (#26307)

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