Laravel 5.7.14 Released

Laravel 5.7.14 Released

Before Thanksgiving last week Laravel 5.7.14 was released with the ability to make asset root URLs configurable with the app.asset_url config option. This release contains other convenient configurations and overrides:

First, the Illuminate\Cookie\CookieJar is now macroable.

You now have the ability to disable the password reset functionality by passing the reset key in your routes/web.php file:

Auth::routes(['reset' => false]);

Next, you can publish Laravel error views just like any other views from a service provider with the vendor:publish command. Running the pubish command will result in templates from /Illuminate/Foundation/Exceptions/views being copied too resources/views/errors.

You can configure an asset root URL in the config/app.php file:

The configuration might look something like:

'asset_url' => '',

You can now also set $tries and $timeout in a \Illuminate\Notifications\Notification instance. Here’s an example from the pull request:

use Illuminate\Bus\Queueable;
use Illuminate\Notifications\Notification;
use Illuminate\Contracts\Queue\ShouldQueue;
use Illuminate\Notifications\Messages\MailMessage;

class TestNotification extends Notification implements ShouldQueue
    use Queueable;

    public $tries = 3; // Max tries

    public $timeout = 15; // Timeout seconds

     * Create a new notification instance.
     * @return void
    public function __construct()

     * Get the notification's delivery channels.
     * @param  mixed  $notifiable
     * @return array
    public function via($notifiable)
        return ['mail'];

     * Get the mail representation of the notification.
     * @param  mixed  $notifiable
     * @return \Illuminate\Notifications\Messages\MailMessage
    public function toMail($notifiable)
        return (new MailMessage)
                    ->line('The introduction to the notification.')
                    ->action('Notification Action', url('/'))
                    ->line('Thank you for using our application!');

You can see the full diff between 5.7.13 and 5.7.14 on GitHub, and the full release notes below from the 5.7 changelog:



  • Added Macroable trait to Illuminate\Cookie\CookieJar (#26445)
  • Added ability to disable password reset route (#26459)
  • Added ability to publish error views (#26460)
  • Added ability to set notifcation tries and timeout (#26493)
  • Added mail.log_channel config for make log for mail driver configurable (#26510)
  • Allowed asset root urls to be configurable via app.asset_url (9172a67)
  • Added Error while sending QUERY packet string to DetectsLostConnections trait (#26233)
  • Added env override for running in console (a36906a, 19f2245)


  • Fixed UNION aggregate queries with columns (#26466)
  • Allowed migration table name to be guessed without _table suffix (#26429)
  • Fixed TestResponse::assertExactJson for empty JSON objects (#26353, e6ebc8d, 621d91d, #26508)
  • Fixed cache repository for PHP from 7.2.12v (#26495)
  • Fixed user authorization check for Email Verification (#26528)
  • Fixed nested JOINs on SQLite (#26567)


  • Improved eager loading performance (#26434, #26453, 3992140, #26471, a3738cf, #26531)
  • Adjusted mix missing asset exceptions (#26431)
  • Used asset helper to generate full path urls in exception views (#26411)
  • Changed Illuminate\Foundation\Testing\Concerns\MocksApplicationServices::withoutJobs method (#26437)
  • Cached distinct validation rule data (#26509)
  • Improved DNS Prefetching in view files (#26552)


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