Laravel 5.7.16 Released


December 6th, 2018


Laravel 5.7.16 is available with new translation messages for the 403 and 503 blade templates and enabling the migrator to accept not only migration directory paths but also file paths too.

First up, the 403.blade.php file now has a translatable exception message and fallback:

1@section('message', __($exception->getMessage() ?: __('Sorry, you are forbidden from accessing this page.')))

Next, the 503.blade.php file has a translatable message and fallback is now as follows:

1@section('message', __($exception->getMessage() ?: __('Sorry, we are doing some maintenance. Please check back soon.')))

The last new addition is the migrator being able to handle both file paths and directories for PHP migration files. Previously, only directories were allowed. Here’s the change made to the Migrator::getMigrationFiles() collection map:

1return Str::endsWith($path, '.php') ? [$path] : $this->files->glob($path.'/*_*.php');

This release has quite a few fixes, including a revert to a breaking change for the TestResponse::decodeResponseJson method.

You can see the full list of fixes below, and the full diff between 5.7.15 and 5.7.16 on GitHub. The full release notes for Laravel 5.7 are available in the GitHub 5.7 changelog:



  • Added localization for 403.blade.php and 503.blade.php (#26751)
  • Changing the Migrator to accept not only migration directory paths, but migration file paths too (#26642, c4b13bf)


  • Fixed self-referencing HasManyThrough existence queries (#26662)
  • Fixed HasManyThrough existence queries with same parent and through parent table (#26676)
  • Fixed breaking eager loading with “incrementing” string keys (#26688)
  • Remove the Register <li> when the route doesn’t exist in app.stub (#26708)
  • Fixed Collection::some method (#26696)
  • Revert breaking change in TestResponse::decodeResponseJson method (#26713)
  • Fixed PhpRedisConnection::mget (#26716)
  • Fixed Eloquent\Collection::loadCount attribute syncing (#26714)
  • Fixed Illuminate\Foundation\Testing\Concerns\InteractsWithDatabase::seed for array accepting (#26734)
  • Fixed FormRequest validation triggering twice (#26731)


  • Changed markdown on auth stub view (Auth/Console/stubs/make/views/auth/login.stub) (#26648)
  • Moved Slack and Nexmo notification channels to the own packages laravel/nexmo-notification-channel, laravel/slack-notification-channel (#26689, #26727)


  • $cachedSchema property in UrlGenerator is deprecated. Will be renamed to the $cachedScheme in 5.8 (#26640)

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