Laravel 5.7.18 Released

Laravel 5.7.18 Released

Laravel 5.7.18 is available with the latest updates to the Laravel framework v5.7.

First, the framework now replaces all placeholders for the starts_with validation rule introduced in Laravel 5.7.15.

A new Facade::resolved() method registers callbacks that are called after service resolution. Here’s an example provided in the pull request:

 * Register the token guard.
 * @return void
protected function registerGuard()
    Auth::resolved(function ($auth) {
        $auth->extend('passport', function ($app, $name, array $config) {
            return tap($this->makeGuard($config), function ($guard) {
                $this->app->refresh('request', $guard, 'setRequest');

The last new feature is an env variable APP_CONFIG_CACHE to control the cache config path.

You can see the full list of fixes below, and the full diff between 5.7.17 and 5.7.18 on GitHub. The full release notes for Laravel 5.7 are available in the GitHub 5.7 changelog:



  • Added missing starts_with validation message (#26822)
  • Added Facade::resolved() method to register pending callback until the service is available. (#26824)
  • Added env var APP_CONFIG_CACHE to control cache config path (578bc83)


  • Changed TransportManager::createMailDriver (#26846)


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