Laravel 5.7.9 Released


October 10th, 2018

Laravel 5.7.9 Released

Laravel 5.7.9 was released on Tuesday with some changes and fixes, along with a new 401 exception view, new session assertion methods, and PendingResourceRegistration is macroable.

First, a new assertion in the TestResponse class called assertSessionDoesntHaveErrors() can be used to ensure that the session doesn’t include an error for a given field:


You can also use the assertSessionHasNoErrors() assertion to verify that the session doesn’t have any errors.

Next, a new 401.blade.php for unauthorized 401 responses, with some updated verbiage for the 403 template—changing the text from “Unauthorized” to “Forbidden.”

The PendingResourceRegistration class is now macroable. An example of a definition and usage (as provided from the pull request) could be as follows:

// Macro defintion
PendingResourceRegistration::macro('can', function(string $permission) {
// Usage
Route::resource('users', UsersController::class)->can('administerUsers');

Here are the full release notes for v5.7.9 from the 5.7 changelog:

v5.7.9 (2018-10-09)


  • Support custom user provider names in generator commands (#25681)
  • Added 401 Exception view (#26002)
  • Added Categorical imperative quote to Inspiring.php (#25968)
  • Mailable render method respects Mailable@locale property (#25990)
  • Added some meta data to the notification mails (477273c)
  • Added Macroable trait to PendingResourceRegistration (#25947)
  • Added assertSessionDoesntHaveErrors method to TestResponse.php (#25949, 3005706)
  • Enable passing options to custom presets (#25930)


  • Fix missing illuminate/support dependency in illuminate/container (#25955)
  • Extend grammar (#25944)


  • Improved PSR-11 implementation (#25870)
  • Changed the sentence of error 403 view from unauthorised to forbidden (#26002)
  • Revert email lang template changes (#25963)
  • Added model checking in assertViewHas (#26012)

Changed realization

  • Inline Arr::pluck() in data_get() (#25938)

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