Laravel 5.7 Improved Error Messages for Dynamic Calls


August 15th, 2018

Laravel 5.7 Improved Error Messages for Dynamic Calls

Laravel 5.7 makes it easier than ever to track down error messages caused by dynamic calls to Eloquent models (and other parts of the framework) thanks to Bouncer developer Joseph Silber!

You’ll get a more clear picture of the error caused by a missing method instead of a possibly confusing error on the underlying object:

Ever mistyped a method on an Eloquent model and got a cryptic error saying that the method doesn't exist *on the query builder* ????

Well, in @laravelphp 5.7 you'll now get a clear, concise message saying that the method doesn't exist on the model ????

— Joseph Silber (@joseph_silber) August 12, 2018

The pull request for this feature is an excellent way to see this feature in action if you care about the internals of how this change works. Instead of a cryptic message from the underlying object such as the query builder on an Eloquent model, you’ll get a clearer picture of what you did wrong.

The approach Joseph uses to accomplish more explicit error messages for dynamic calls is some smart programming with an outcome I believe will only help newcomers that might now understand how Eloquent models work or what the query builder does specifically.

A huge thank you to Joseph Silber for all he does for the Laravel community! Clearer error messages will go a long way in helping you debug Laravel applications, and I can’t wait to start seeing this feature in my apps!

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