Bulk Insertion Performance Improvements in Laravel v5.8.19


May 29th, 2019

Bulk Insertion Performance Improvements in Laravel v5.8.19

The Laravel team released Laravel 5.8.19 with the latest framework additions, fixes, and a notable performance improvement which affects doing large bulk inserts with Eloquent.

First, a performance improvement was made that improves the speed of doing large bulk insertions on thousands of items. The underlying change was made to Arr::flatten() to avoid array_merge–you can review the Pull Request #28614 for more specifics on what was changed.

Next, an isProduction() method was added to the Application class to see if the environment matches the value “production.” If you are using prod or prd you will need to use something like:


Next, an optional DYNAMODB_ENDPOINT configuration option was added. The new environment variable enables the ability to use a local version of DynamoDB for local development and testing.

Last, parsing a Redis configuration URL is possible with the url configuration option—which overrides the other configuration values when defined:

// Coming directly from Heroku documentation
'url' => 'redis://h:asdfqwer1234asdf@ec2-111-1-1-1.compute-1.amazonaws.com:111',
'host' => '',
// ...

Various databases are configurable via URLs now thanks to contributions from Mathieu TUDISCO. For more details on how to configure databases with the url key check out the Database configuration documentation.

You can see the full list of fixes below, and the whole diff between 5.8.18 and 5.8.19 on GitHub. The full release notes for Laravel 5.8 are available in the GitHub 5.8 changelog:



  • Added optional DYNAMODB_ENDPOINT env variable to configure endpoint for DynamoDB (#28600)
  • Added Illuminate\Foundation\Application::isProduction() method (#28602)
  • Allowed exception reporting in rescue() to be disabled (#28617)
  • Allowed to parse Url in Redis configuration (#28612, f4cfb32)
  • Allowed setting additional (sourceip and localdomain) smtp config options (#28631, 435c05b)


  • Fixed Eloquent UPDATE queries with alias (#28607)
  • Fixed Illuminate\Cache\DynamoDbStore::forever() (#28618)
  • Fixed event:list command, when using a combination of manually registering events and event auto discovering (#28624)

Performance improvement

  • Improve performance for Arr::flatten() (#28614)


  • Added id to ModelNotFoundException exception in ImplicitRouteBinding (#28588)

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