New Email Validation Rule Options in Laravel 5.8.33


August 21st, 2019

New Email Validation Rule Options in Laravel 5.8.33

The Laravel team released v5.8.33 this week with new capabilities added to the email validation rule, along with the latest changes and fixes for the Laravel v5.8 release.

First, form requests can now provide a passedValidation() callback that will fire after validation has passed:

public function passedValidation()
$this->replace(['name' => 'Adam']);

The passedValidation callback could be useful to apply filters to data without interfering with validation.

Next, Dries Vints implemented new types for email validation support, using the egulias/EmailValidator package. The improved email validation rule introduces the ability to add multiple email validators when checking for valid emails.

Here’s an example validation rule:

'email' => 'email:rfc,dns'

At the time of writing, the possible rules include: rfc, strict, dns, spoof, filter. The documentation has been updated to include the new parameters possible in the email validation rule that you can see in the latest Laravel Validation documentation for 5.8.

Next, Dries Vints added support for Redis 5.0 in a backward-compatible way, so you can now support v5.0 in starting in this release.

Next, “insert ignore” support was added for MySQL and Postgres. To learn more about how this works check out Pull Request #29639. The way ignore works during an insert is that if the database runs into errors, it usually aborts and doesn’t insert any rows. With ignore, the database will insert valid rows and ignore invalid data.

The last new feature added is the ability to use a custom Whoops handler. For more details, check out Pull Request #29564.

You can see the full list of fixes below, and the whole diff between 5.8.32 and 5.8.33 on GitHub. The full release notes for Laravel 5.8 are available in the GitHub 5.8 changelog:



  • Added ValidatesWhenResolvedTrait::passedValidation() callback (#29549)
  • Implement new types for email validation support (#29589)
  • Added Redis 5 support (#29606)
  • Added insertOrIgnore support (#29639, 46d7e96, #29645)
  • Allowed to override the existing Whoops handler.(#29564)


  • Fixed non-displayable boolean values in validation messages (#29560)
  • Avoid undefined index errors when using AWS IAM (#29565)
  • Fixed exception message in the ProviderRepository::writeManifest() (#29568)
  • Fixed invalid link expiry count in ResetPassword (#29579)
  • Fixed command testing of output and questions expectations (#29580)
  • Added ignoring of classes which are not instantiable during event discovery (#29587)
  • Used real classname for seeders in the output (#29601)


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