Scheduled Task Events Added to Laravel 6.0.4


September 25th, 2019

Scheduled Task Events Added to Laravel 6.0.4

The Laravel team announced the immediate availability of Laravel v6.0.4. This release includes scheduled task events, a new JSON assertion method, and all the latest changes.

Let’s look at some highlight new features in this release:

First, an assertJsonPath() assertion was added to the TestResponse class, which looks really handy for asserting values in a JSON response using a dot notation for nested properties:

$this->getJson(route('', [$post->id]))
->assertJsonPath('tags', [])
->assertJsonPath('comments.0.user.username', 'ecrmnn')
->assertJsonPath('comments.*.body', [
'This is my comment',

Next, three new accessor methods were added to the Eloquent builder for convenience of asserting whether or not a builder class has global/local macros:


Another accessor method was added to the BelongsToMany relation to get pivot table columns:


Next, two new events were added for scheduled tasks: ScheduledTaskStarting and ScheduledTaskFinished. You can learn more about these events and see them in Pull Request #29888 by our very own Michael Dyrynda. Good on ya mate!

The last new update in this release is allowing the definition of command arguments and options with InputArgument and InputOption objects:

// Current style, still supported
protected function getArguments()
return [
['name', InputArgument::REQUIRED, 'the argument\'s description', 'default value'],
// New style
protected function getArguments()
return [
new InputArgument('name', InputArgument::REQUIRED, 'the argument\'s description', 'default value'),

This features works in a backwards-compatible way, and is only adding another alternative way of defining arguments and options.

You can see the full list of fixes below, and the whole diff between 6.0.3 and 6.0.4 on GitHub. The full release notes for Laravel 6.0 are available in the GitHub v6 changelog:



  • Added TestResponse::assertJsonPath() method (#29957)
  • Added hasMacro \ getGlobalMacro \ hasGlobalMacro methods to Eloquent Builder (#30008)
  • Added Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Relations\BelongsToMany::getPivotColumns() method (#30049)
  • Added ScheduledTaskFinished \ ScheduledTaskStarting events to signal when scheduled task runs (#29888)
  • Allowing adding command arguments and options with InputArgument \ InputOption objects (#29987)


  • Fixed __() with null parameter (#29967)
  • Fixed modifying updated_at column on custom pivot model (#29970)
  • Fixed Illuminate\Redis\Limiters\ConcurrencyLimiter (#30005)
  • Fixed VerifyCsrfToken middleware when response object instance of Responsable interface (#29972)
  • Fixed Postgresql column creation without optional precision (#29873)
  • Fixed migrations orders with multiple path with certain filenames (#29996)
  • Fixed adding NotFoundHttpException to “allowed” exceptions in tests (#29975)


  • Make it possible to disable encryption via 0/false (#29985)
  • Allowed a symfony file instance in validate dimensions (#30009)
  • Create storage fakes with custom configuration (#29999)
  • Set locale in PendingMail only if locale present conditionally (dd1e0a6)
  • Improved sorting of imports alphabetically on class generation from stub (#29951)


  • Changed imports to Alpha ordering in stubs (#29954, #29958)
  • Used value helper where possible (#29959)
  • Improved readability in auth.throttle translation (#30011, #30017)

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