Laravel 6.17.0 Released


February 28th, 2020

Laravel 6.17.0 Released

The Laravel team released v6.17.0 this week with private-encrypted pusher channels and a new permission configuration for the file cache store.

Allow ‘private-encrypted’ Pusher Channels

Onur Köse contributed a new feature that enables the use of private-encrypted channels with Pusher and Pusher PHP Server.

Thanks to Onur, the Laravel broadcaster implementation now supports these channels. Check out the Pusher End-to-end encrypted channels docs for further details.

Add ‘cache.permission’ Configuration Option

Paul Klimov contributed a new option for the File cache driver to configure the octal file permission:

At the present state file cache writes files with the default umask, which is usually allows writing (deleting) only for the owner.

This creates trouble in some environments, when cache is written by web-server (e.g. nginx) and then accessed from the artisan console.

In particular this make php artisan cache:clear command to silently fail to remove file cache created by web-server.

This PR adds ‘permission’ config option for the FileStore, in the same manner as for Stream Logger.

Note: a patch fix was released (v6.17.1) shortly after v6.17.0 to address the default scenario when not set. Check out Pull Request #31593 for details.

Learn More

You can see the full list of new features and updates below and the whole diff between 6.16.0 and 6.17.0 on GitHub. The full release notes for Laravel 6.17.0 are available in the latest v6 changelog.

Note: You can find patch release notes for v6.17.1 at the end of this article.



  • Allowed private-encrypted pusher channels (#31559, ceabaef, 8215e0d)
  • Added file permission config option for the File cache store (#31579)
  • Added Connection refused and running with the --read-only option so it cannot execute this statement to DetectsLostConnections (#31539)



  • Fixed issue Content Type not specified (#31533)


  • Allowed cache helper to have an optional expiration parameter (#31554)
  • Allowed passing of strings to TestResponse::dumpSession() method (#31583)
  • Consider mailto: and tel: links in the subcopy actionUrl label in emails (#31523, 641a7cd)
  • Exclude mariaDB from database queue support for new SKIP LOCKED (fff96e7)



  • Don’t do chmod in File cache in case if permission not set (#31593)

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