Laravel 7.13 Released


May 27th, 2020


The Laravel team released v7.13.0 with a new method to configure Tailwind pagination views and the latest updates to the 7.x branch.

Tailwind Pagination

Taylor Otwell contributed the useTailwind() method to the AbstractPaginator, along with tailwind pagination views. At the time of writing, the default pagination views are for Bootstrap 4, but you can use the useTailwind() method to override those defaults.

The documentation now has instructions on using Tailwind styling with pagination.

Fixed Route List Command

Taylor Otwell contributed a fix for the artisan route:list command for excluded middleware. See commit 7ebd211 for details, which now uses the router service to gather route middleware.

Using Indexed Arrays in Redis zrangebyscore

@zingimmick contributed the ability to use an indexed array for ZRANGEBYSCORE:

// Previously you would need this:
$redis->zrangebyscore('set', 0, 11, [
    'withscores' => true,
    'limit' => [
        'offset' => 1,
        'count'  => 2,

// Now you can also do the following:
$redis->zrangebyscore('set', 0, 11, [
    'withscores' => true,
    'limit' => [1, 2],

Release Notes

You can see the full list of new features and updates below and the diff between 7.12.0 and 7.13.0 on GitHub.




  • Fixed route list command for excluded middleware (7ebd211)
  • Fixed behavior of oneachside = 1 with paginator in Illuminate\Pagination\UrlWindow (c59cffa, 5d817be)


  • Using an indexed array as the limit modifier for phpredis zrangebyscore (#32952)

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