Laravel 7.3 Released


March 26th, 2020

Laravel 7.3 Released

The Laravel team released v7.3.0 yesterday with the ability to use ^4.0 versions of ramsey/uuid. Since the release of Laravel 7.2, a few patch releases are available that we’ll briefly cover:

Ability to use Ramsey UUID V4

Laravel 7.3 adds the possibility to use ^4.0 of ramsey/uuid, but still supports v3.7 as well. The composer dependency is now ^3.7|^4.0.

Component Fixes

Laravel 7.2.2 fixes a few blade component issues. Notably, the make:component command now supports subdirectories:

php artisan make:component Navigation/Item
# previously creates the following:
# View/Components/Navigation/Item.php
# views/components/item.blade.php
# Now creates them as expected:
# View/Components/Navigation/Item.php
# views/components/navigation/item.blade.php

Fix Route Naming Issue

Laravel 7 introduced route caching speed improvements, but with that have been a few issues with apps in-the-wild. Laravel 7.2.1 fixed a route naming issue with cache; you should upgrade to the latest 7.x release to get the newest routing fixes.

It’s important to note that you should ensure the uniqueness of route names, as routes with duplicate names can “cause unexpected behavior in multiple areas of the framework.”

Release Notes

The remainder of the updates since v7.2.0 are changes and fixes, which are listed in full below. You can see the full list of new features and updates below and the whole diff between 7.2.0 and 7.3.0 on GitHub. The full release notes for Laravel 7.x are available in the latest v7 changelog:



  • Added possibility to use ^4.0 versions of ramsey/uuid (#32086)


  • Corrected suggested dependencies (#32072, c01a70e)
  • Avoid deadlock in test when sharing process group (#32067)



  • Fixed empty data for blade components (#32032)
  • Fixed subdirectories when making components by make:component (#32030)
  • Fixed serialization of models when sending notifications (#32051)
  • Fixed route trailing slash in cached routes matcher (#32048)


  • Throw exception for non existing component alias (#32036)
  • Don’t overwrite published stub files by default in stub:publish command (#32038)



  • Enabling Windows absolute cache paths normalizing (#31985, adfcb59)
  • Fixed blade newlines (#32026)
  • Fixed exception rendering in debug mode (#32027)
  • Fixed route naming issue (#32028)

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