Laravel 8.15 Released


November 18th, 2020

Laravel 8.15 Released

The Laravel team released 8.15 with DBAL 3.0 support, and the latest changes in the 8.x branch:

MariaDB Dump Support

@verebelyicsaba contributed support for MariaDB in the schema dump command. Previously, the command was not working as expected with MariaDB.

Parse Named Validation Rule Parameters

@ragulka contributed making the validator parseNamedParameters() public for use in custom validation rules:

Validator::extend('custom_rule', function($attribute, $value, $parameters, $validator) {
// the parameters are something like ['country=US', 'level=pro'],
// but we want ['country' => 'US', 'level' => 'pro'] instead
$namedParams = $validator->parseNamedParameters($parameters));
'some_field' => 'custom_rule:country=US,level=pro'
], $data);

Stringable classBasename Method

James Kingsley contributed a convenience method to the Stringable class in order to get a class base name:

// New classBasename()
// Instead of

Testing File Upload Content

Nuno Maduro contributed to the possibility of testing the file upload content while checking if a file exists:

// Before
$this->assertSame('my;csv;content', Storage::disk('reports')->read('foo.csv'));
// After
Storage::disk('reports')->assertExists('foo.csv', 'my;csv;content');

DBAL 3.0 Support

Dries Vints and Graham Campbell contributed support for doctrine/dbal 3.0.0, the next major release of the DBAL package. The Doctrine DBAL package brings PHP 8 support, focuses on API improvements, and removes deprecated APIs. Huge thanks to all those involved in supporting DBAL and integrating it with Laravel 8.

Release Notes

You can see the full list of new features and updates in the diff between 8.14.0 and 8.15.0 on GitHub.



  • Added lock support for file and null cache drivers (#35139, a345185)
  • Added a doesntExpectOutput method for console command testing (#35160, c90fc5f)
  • Added support of MorphTo relationship eager loading constraints (#35190)
  • Added Illuminate\Http\ResponseTrait::withoutCookie() (e9483c4)
  • Use dynamic app namespace in Eloquent Factory instead of App\ string (#35204, 4885bd2)
  • Added read / unread scopes to database notifications (#35215)
  • Added classBasename() method to Stringable (#35219)
  • Added before resolving callbacks to container (#35228)
  • Adds the possibility of testing file upload content (#35231)
  • Added lost connection messages for MySQL persistent connections (#35224)
  • Added Support DBAL v3.0 (#35236)


  • Update MySqlSchemaState.php to support MariaDB dump (#35184)
  • Fixed pivot and morphpivot fresh and refresh methods (#35193)
  • Fixed pivot restoration (#35218)


  • Updated EmailVerificationRequest.php to check if user is not already verified (#35174)
  • Make Validator::parseNamedParameters() public (#35183)
  • Ignore max attempts if retryUntil is set in queue:work (#35214)
  • Explode string channels on Illuminate/Log/LogManager::createStackDriver() (e5b86f2)

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