Laravel 8.32 with HTTP client dump methods, queue exception throttling, fluent JSON assertions, and more


March 10th, 2021

Laravel 8.32 with HTTP client dump methods, queue exception throttling, fluent JSON assertions, and more

The Laravel team released 8.32 with HTTP client dump methods, queue exception throttling, fluent JSON assertions, and the latest changes in the 8.x branch:

Helper Methods to Dump Laravel HTTP Requests

Andrea Marco Sartori contributed a dump() and dd() method to the Laravel HTTP client so you can inspect requests during debugging easily. These helpers will dump an instance of the HTTP Request and client options:

// Dump additional values along with the request/client data

Throttle Queue Exceptions

Paras Malhotra contributed a circuit breaker middleware for queues. This middleware could be useful when you rely on a third-party HTTP service that is not reliable.

public function middleware()
return [new ThrottlesExceptions(10, 5)];

Given the above example, if the job has ten consecutive failed attempts, the job will be throttled for five minutes. You can also use a backoff() method to wait between retries before meeting the threshold, as the queue will retry failed jobs immediately:

public function middleware()
return [(new ThrottlesExceptions(10, 5))->backoff(5)];

The queue documentation now includes details on Throttling Exceptions if you'd like to learn more.

Fluent JSON Assertions

Claudio Dekker contributed fluent JSON assertions for testing in Laravel. At the time of writing, the fluent JSON assertion methods don't appear to have documentation, but the pull request goes into extensive detail.

Here's a simple example of how to use the fluent API taken from the pull request:

use Illuminate\Testing\Fluent\Assert;
$response->assertJson(fn (Assert $json) => $json
// Checking a root-level property
// Checking that the podcast prop has a nested id property using "dot" notation

This update is backward-compatible with the existing assertJson() calls but now allows an array or Closure.

Support an Eloquent Collection on Model::destroy()

Victor Dauchy contributed the ability to pass an Eloquent collection to a model's destroy method:

// Previously you might use pluck or modelKeys()
// Now, passing a collection is possible

You can see the full list of new features and updates below and the diff between 8.31.0 and 8.32.0 on GitHub. The following release notes are directly from the changelog:



  • Phpredis lock serialization and compression support (#36412, 10f1a93)
  • Added Fluent JSON Assertions (#36454)
  • Added methods to dump requests of the Laravel HTTP client (#36466)
  • Added ThrottlesExceptions and ThrottlesExceptionsWithRedis job middlewares for unstable services (#36473, 21fee76, 36518, 37e48ba)
  • Added support to Eloquent Collection on Model::destroy() (#36497)
  • Added rest option to php artisan queue:work command (#36521, c6ea49c)
  • Added prohibited_if and prohibited_unless validation rules (#36516)
  • Added class argument to Illuminate\Database\Console\Seeds\SeedCommand (#36513)


  • Fix validator treating null as true for (required|exclude)_(if|unless) due to loose in_array() check (#36504)


  • Delete existing links that are broken in Illuminate\Foundation\Console\StorageLinkCommand (#36470)
  • Use user provided url in AwsTemporaryUrl method (#36480)
  • Allow to override discover events base path (#36515)

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