Laravel 8.62 Released


September 29th, 2021

Laravel 8.62 Released

The Laravel team released 8.62 with new Pest PHP test stubs, maintenance mode events, a new assertion for soft deletes, and the latest changes in the v8.x branch.

Retrieve Incoming Request Data as a Collection

Erik Galloway contributed the ability to retrieve input from the incoming request as a collection:

// Before
collect($request->input('users', []))->each(function ($user) {
// ...
// 🔥
$request->collect('users')->each(function ($user) {
// ...

Anonymous Index Blade Component Templates

Caleb Porzio contributed the ability to use index.blade.php for the default view for an anonymous component pointing to a folder:

{{-- components/accordion/index.blade.php --}}
{{-- components/accordion/item.blade.php --}}
{{-- ... --}}

Check out the updated documentation for more details about this feature!

Maintenance Mode Events

Andréas Lundgren contributed maintenance mode events that fire when maintenance mode is enabled/disabled:

use Illuminate\Foundation\Events\MaintenanceModeEnabled;
use Illuminate\Foundation\Events\MaintenanceModeDisabled;

If you'd like to tap into external services, these events are helpful to tell them to ignore any uptime or monitoring alerts.

Assert Not Soft Deleted

Francisco Madeira contributed a assertNotSoftDeleted which asserts that a given record has not been soft deleted:

$this->assertNotSoftDeleted('posts', ['id' => 1]);

Pretend Flag Added to model:prune

@Shalvah contributed a --pretend method to the model:prune command, similar to the same flag in the migrate command. The pretend flag will print the number of records matching the prunable() query.

php artisan model:prune --pretend

Make PendingMail "conditionable"

Ryan Chandler contributed updating the PendingMail class to use the Conditionable trait, which lets you use when() and unless() methods while configuring an email before calling send(), queue(), etc.

Add --pest Option When Using make:test

Luke Downing contributed a --pest flag to the make:test command. The make:test command supports two new stubs for a Pest PHP feature test and a unit test.

The feature test stub:

test('example', function () {
$response = $this->get('/');

And the unit test stub:

test('example', function () {

Release Notes

You can see the complete list of new features and updates below and the diff between 8.61.0 and 8.62.0 on GitHub. The following release notes are directly from the changelog:



  • Added singular syntactic sugar to wormhole (#38815)
  • Added a few PHP 8.1 related changes (#38404, #38961)
  • Dispatch events when maintenance mode is enabled and disabled (#38826)
  • Added assertNotSoftDeleted Method (#38886)
  • Adds new RefreshDatabaseLazily testing trait (#38861)
  • Added --pretend option for model:prune command (#38945)
  • Make PendingMail Conditionable (#38942)
  • Adds --pest option when using the make:test artisan command (#38966)



  • Fix getDirty method when using AsArrayObject / AsCollection (#38869)
  • Fix sometimes conditions that add rules for sibling values within an array of data (#38899)
  • Fixed Illuminate/Validation/Rules/Password::passes() (#38962)
  • Fixed for custom date castable and database value formatting (#38994)


  • Make mailable assertions fluent (#38850)
  • Allow request input to be retrieved as a collection (#38832)
  • Allow index.blade.php views for anonymous components (#38847)
  • Changed *ofMany to decide relationship name when it is null (#38889)
  • Ignore trailing delimiter in cache.headers options string (#38910)
  • Only look for files ending with .php in model:prune (#38975)
  • Notification assertions respect shouldSend method on notification (#38979)
  • Convert middleware to array when outputting as JSON in /RouteListCommand (#38953)

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