Laravel 8.68 Released


October 27th, 2021

Laravel 8.68 Released

The Laravel team released 8.68 with new TestResponse dd() methods, more PHP 8.1 fixes, a "has any" JSON assertion and the latest changes in the v8.x branch.

This post covers three minor Laravel releases: v8.68, v8.67, and v8.66. Usually Laravel has a minor release each week, but this week we have three minor releases. Check the changelog for a complete list of changes.

PHP 8.1 Support (v8.67)

Dries Vints contributed more PHP 8.1 fixes in preparation for next month's GA release:

  • Remove mimicking PHP 8.0 now that we're nearing the PHP 8.1 release date
  • Add prefer-lowest builds
  • Add a separate build step for minimum versions for Symfony, PHPUnit & CommonMark we cannot bump these through Composer
  • Bumps some libraries for PHP 8.1 compatibility
  • Added more clearer message for skipped mail tests on PHP 8.1 since SwiftMailer won't be patched for it
  • Unskipped PHP 8.1 tests

Add Dump Methods to TestResponse (v8.68)

Nuno Maduro contributed three new methods to the TestResponse class, including dd(), ddHeaders(), and ddSession():

$response = $this->get('/example');
// Dump response
// Or Headers
// Or Session
$response->ddSession(keys: $keys);

Database Schema Restrict on Update (v8.68)

Melek REBAI contributed a restrictOnUpdate() migration method, which is syntactic sugar for:

// Using `onUpdate` directly
// New convenience method

JSON Assertion for "has any" (v8.66)

@D┼żuris contributed a hasAny method to assertable JSON, which asserts that at least one of the given properties exists:

$json->hasAny('data', 'errors', 'meta');

Array isList() Method (v8.66)

Chris Kankiewicz contributed an Arr::isList() method for determining if an array is a list. An array is considered a "list" if all keys are sequential integers starting with zero without gaps in between. Check out Pull Request #39277 for discussion on this method and upcoming PHP support starting in v8.1 with PHP's array_is_list function.

Release Notes

You can see the complete list of new features and updates below and the diff between 8.64.0 and 8.65.0 on GitHub. The following release notes are directly from the changelog:



  • Added ThrottleRequestsWithRedis to $middlewarePriority (#39316)
  • Added Illuminate/Database/Schema/ForeignKeyDefinition::restrictOnUpdate() (#39350)
  • Added ext-bcmath as an extension suggestion to the composer.json (#39360)
  • Added TestResponse::dd (#39359)


  • TaggedCache flush should also remove tags from cache (#39299)
  • Fixed model serialization on anonymous components (#39319)


  • Changed to Guess database factory model by default (#39310)



  • Added support for MariaDB to skip locked rows with the database queue driver (#39311)
  • Added PHP 8.1 Support (#39034)


  • Fixed translation bug (#39298)
  • Fixed Illuminate/Database/DetectsConcurrencyErrors::causedByConcurrencyError() when code is intager (#39280)
  • Fixed unique bug in Bus (#39302)


  • Only select related columns by default in CanBeOneOfMany::ofMany (#39307)



  • Added withoutDeprecationHandling to testing (#39261)
  • Added method for on-demand log creation (#39273)
  • Added dateTime to columns that don't need character options (#39269)
  • Added AssertableJson::hasAny (#39265)
  • Added Arr::isList() method (#39277)
  • Apply withoutGlobalScope in CanBeOneOfMany subqueries (#39295)
  • Added Illuminate/Support/Testing/Fakes/BusFake::assertNothingDispatched() (#39286)


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