Laravel 8.71 Released


November 17th, 2021


The Laravel team released 8.71 with a @js blade directive, declined validation rules, the ability to flush macros, and the latest changes in the v8.x branch:

Declined Validation Rules

Nicklas Kevin Frank contributed declined and declined_if validation rules. These rules are the opposite of accepted and accepted_if, which means that the field under validation must equal no, off, 0, or false. The declined_if is the same but only when another field is equal to a specified value.

@js Blade Directive

Chris Morrell contributed a @js blade directive, building on the Js class introduced in Laravel 8.70. This directive is useful to properly escape JSON within HTML quotes, resulting in a JS object using JSON.parse():

1<div x-data="@js($data)"></div>

The above will result in:

1<div x-data="<?php echo \Illuminate\Support\Js::from($data)->toHtml() ?>"></div>

Flush Macros

Brad Miller contributed a flushMacros method to the Macroable trait used throughout various classes in the Laravel framework. This method could be helpful in a unit test environment where side effects exist and parallel testing could cause intermittent failures. Calling the flushMacros() method removes all macros defined on class:


Release Notes

You can see the complete list of new features and updates below and the diff between 8.70.0 and 8.71.0 on GitHub. The following release notes are directly from the changelog:



  • Added declined and declined_if validation rules (#39579)
  • Arrayable/collection support for Collection::splice() replacement param (#39592)
  • Introduce @js() directive (#39522)
  • Enum casts accept backed values (#39608)
  • Added a method to the Macroable trait that removes all configured macros. (#39633)


  • Fixed auto-generated Markdown views (#39565)
  • DB command: Cope with missing driver parameters for mysql (#39582)
  • Fixed typo in Connection property name in Illuminate/Database/Connection (#39590)
  • Fixed: prevent re-casting of enum values (#39597)
  • Casts value to the int in Illuminate/Database/Query/Builder::limit() (62273d2)
  • Fix $component not being reverted if component doesn't render (#39595)


  • make:model --all flag would auto-fire make:controller with --requests (#39578)
  • Allow assertion of multiple JSON validation errors. (#39568)
  • Ensure cache directory permissions (#39591)
  • Update placeholders for stubs (#39527)

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