Laravel 8.74 Released


December 1st, 2021

Laravel 8.74 Released

The Laravel team released 8.74 with a check for debug mode, an event fakeExcept() method, MySQL fulltext index support in migrations, and the latest changes in the v8.x branch.

Except Parameter Added to the Prune Command

Jochen Sengier contributed an --except parameter, which accepts a list of class names of the models to be excluded from pruning. Here's a programmatic example from the pull request

$schedule->command('model:prune', [
'--exclude' => [Test::class, Example::class],

Checking for Debug Mode

Joel Mellon contributed a hasDebugModeEnabled() method to determine if the application is running in debug mode:

if (App::hasDebugModeEnabled()) {
// ...

Event "Fake Except" Method

Jeffrey Angenent contributed a fakeExcept() method, which replaces the bound instance with a fake that fakes all events except the given events:


Array "undot" Method

Amir Rami contributed a undot() method to Arr and Collection, which does the opposite of Arr::dot(). It can take a flattened array and convert it to a multi-dimensional array based on dotted keys:

$original = [
'user' => [
'name' => 'foo',
'occupation' => 'bar',
$dotted = Arr::dot($original);
// Results in...
$dotted = [
'' => 'foo',
'user.occupation' => 'bar',
// Converts it back to the original form

String Reverse Method

@netpok contributed a reverse() method to the Str and Stringable classes, which reverses a string (including support for multibyte strings):

$this->assertSame('FooBar', Str::reverse('raBooF'));
$this->assertSame('Teniszütő', Str::reverse('őtüzsineT'));
$this->assertSame('❤MultiByte☆', Str::reverse('☆etyBitluM❤'));

Fulltext Index for MySQL

Taylor Otwell contributed the ability to create fulltext indexes in migrations for MySQL, which may be expanded to Postgres in the future.

Release Notes

You can see the complete list of new features and updates below and the diff between 8.73.0 and 8.74.0 on GitHub. The following release notes are directly from the changelog:



  • Added optional except parameter to the PruneCommand (#39749, be4afcc)
  • Added Illuminate/Foundation/Application::hasDebugModeEnabled() (#39755)
  • Added Illuminate/Support/Facades/Event::fakeExcept() and Illuminate/Support/Facades/Event::fakeExceptFor() (#39752)
  • Added aggregate method to Eloquent passthru (#39772)
  • Added undot() method to Arr helpers and Collections (#39729)
  • Added reverse method to Str (#39816)
  • Added possibility to customize type column in database notifications using databaseType method (#39811)
  • Added Fulltext Index (#39821)


  • Fixed bus service provider when loaded outside of the framework (#39740)
  • Fixes logging deprecations when null driver do not exist (#39809)


  • Validate connection name before resolve queue connection (#39751)
  • Bump Symfony to 5.4 (#39827)
  • Optimize the execution time of the unique method (#39822)

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