Laravel 9.36 Released

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The Laravel team released 9.36, making blade components blazing fast, a content response assertion, mailable assertions, and more.

Make blade components blazing fast

Nuno Maduro contributed an optimization to improve blade component performance. I suggest you check out the description in Pull Request #44487 to get the full details of the improvements with examples. In summary, the description includes some rough estimates of enhancements:

  • Anonymous components — up to 52% faster
  • Class View components - up to 39% faster
  • Class Inline components — up to 92% faster
  • Dynamic components ( that renders anonymous components ) — up to 72% faster
  • Dynamic components ( that renders inline class components ) — up to 83% faster

Huge kudos to Nuno and all those involved in making this update possible! Laravel forever!

Mailable assertions

Andrew Minion contributed mailable assertions to improve the ease of testing mailable classes:

$mailable = (new Mail())->build();
->assertHasMetadata('foo', 'bar');

TestResponse assertContent()

Tim MacDonald contributed an assertContent() method that adds some syntactic sugar to assert the content of a test response. The string should add the test response content exactly:

// before...
$this->assertSame('foo bar', $response->content());
// after...
$response->assertContent('foo bar');

Add verbosity level to console alerts

Pavel Panzyga contributed to the ability to specify the verbosity level for alert boxes. The Pull Request description illustrates how this feature works:

$this->alert('Alert box only for debug mode', 'vvv');
$this->alert('Normal alert box');
$this->alert('Very important alert box', 'quiet');

Release Notes

You can see the complete list of new features and updates below and the diff between 9.35.0 and 9.36.0 on GitHub. The following release notes are directly from the changelog:



  • Added mailable assertions (#44563)
  • Added Illuminate/Testing/TestResponse::assertContent() (#44580)
  • Added to Illuminate/Console/Concerns/InteractsWithIO::alert() $verbosity param (#44614)


  • Makes blade components blazing fast (#44487)


  • Fixed Illuminate/Filesystem/Filesystem::relativeLink() (#44519)
  • Fixed for model:show failing with models that have null timestamp columns (#44576)
  • Allow Model::shouldBeStrict(false) to disable "strict mode" (#44627)


  • Dont require a host for sqlite connections in php artisan db (#44585)
  • Let MustVerifyEmail to be used on models without id as primary key (#44613)
  • Changed Illuminate/Routing/Route::controllerMiddleware() (#44590)
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