Laravel 9.41 Released


November 23rd, 2022

Laravel 9.41 Released

The Laravel team released 9.41 this week with validation rules for soft-deleted models, additional rule builder convenience methods, a "when missing" request method, and more.

"Only trashed" database validation rule

Michael Nabil contributed an onlyTrashed() condition for database Exists and Unique database rules. This will validate the database against soft deleted rows only:

'name' => 'Michael Nabil',
'name' => [
Rule::exists('users')->where('id', $this->id)->onlyTrashed(),
Rule::unique('users')->where('id', $this->id)->onlyTrashed(), // Or

Rule builder convenience methods

Michael Nabil contributed some rule builder convenience methods for images, enums, dimensions, and unique:

// Before
'password' => Password::default(),
'image' => File::default(),
'status' => new Enum(StatusEnum::class),
'name' => Rule::requiredIf(function () {
return true;
// Now you can also do:
'password' => Password::default(),
'image' => Rule::file()->default(),
'status' => Rule::enum(StatusEnum::class),
'name' => Rule::requiredIf(function () {
return true;

Request callback when an input value is missing

@phh contributed a whenMissing() method to the request object that will be called when the input is missing:

$request->whenMissing('name', function ($value) use (&$name) {
$name = 'Taylor';

This method can also accept a default callable when the key is not missing.

Custom manifest filename on the Vite facade

Nagesh Tiwari and Tim MacDonald contributed the ability to customize the Vite manifest filename. The API works as follows:

// Service provider
use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Vite;

Now in Blade, the following would use the custom manifest filename:

{{-- Uses the custom manifest filename --}}
{{-- Inline example --}}
{{ Vite::useManifestFilename('custom-manifest.json')->withEntryPoints(['resources/js/app.js']) }}

Release Notes

You can see the complete list of new features and updates below and the diff between 9.40.0 and 9.41.0 on GitHub. The following release notes are directly from the changelog:



  • Added Illuminate/Validation/Rules/DatabaseRule::onlyTrashed() (#44989)
  • Add some class rules in class Rule (#44998)
  • Added Illuminate/View/ComponentAttributeBag::missing() (#45016)
  • Added Illuminate/Http/Concerns/InteractsWithInput::whenMissing() (#45019)
  • Add isolation levels to SQL Server Connector (#45023)
  • Fix php artisan serve with PHP_CLI_SERVER_WORKERS > 1 (#45041)
  • Add ability to prune cancelled job batches (#45034)
  • Adding option for custom manifest filename on Vite Facade (#45007)


  • Fix deprecation warning when comparing a password against a NULL database password (#44986, 206e465)
  • Outlook web dark mode email layout fix (#45024)


  • Improves queue:work command output (#44971)
  • Optimize Collection::containsStrict (#44970)
  • Make name required in Illuminate/Testing/TestResponse::assertRedirectToRoute() (98a0301)
  • Strip key, secret and token from root config options on aws clients (#44979)
  • Allow customised implementation of the SendQueuedMailable job (#45040)
  • Validate uuid before route binding query (#44945)

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