Laravel 9.42 comes with new singleton route resources, conditional report helpers, and more


November 30th, 2022

Laravel 9.42 comes with new singleton route resources, conditional report helpers, and more

The Laravel team released 9.42 this week with singleton route resources, conditional report helpers, and more:

Define routes for singleton resources

Jess Archer contributed a Route::singleton() method to register routes for singleton resources. These are resources that are either "one of one" or "zero or one" resources. For example, a profile endpoint:

Route::singleton('profile', ProfileController::class);
GET /profile
GET /profile/edit
PUT/PATCH /profile
DELETE /profile
// Nested resource
Route::singleton('videos.thumbnail', VideoThumbnailController::class);
GET /videos/{video}/thumbnail
GET /videos/{video}/thumbnail/edit
PUT/PATCH /videos/{video}/thumbnail
DELETE /videos/{video}/thumbnail
// Only and except
Route::singleton('profile', ProfileController::class)
Route::singleton('profile', ProfileController::class)
->only(['show', 'update']);

The make:controller command was also updated to include --singleton and --creatable flags to generate singleton controllers.

Check out the Singleton Resource Controllers docs for more examples and details. Excellent work, Jess!

Added a rest option for queue:listen

@PHPGuus contributed a --rest= option to the queue:listen command that will sleep for the number of seconds passed to rest:

php artisan queue:listen --rest=5

Determine if a string is a ULID

Michael Nabil contributed an isUlid() method to the Stringable class to check if a string is a valid Universally Unique Lexicographically Sortable Identifier (ULID) string. You can use it as follows:

use Illuminate\Support\Str;
Str::isUlid('01GJSNW9MAF792C0XYY8RX6QFT'); // true
Str::of('01GJSNW9MAF792C0XYY8RX6QFT')->isUlid(); // true

Conditional report helpers

Michael Nabil contributed two new conditional report() helpers. These might be useful to shorten checks where you might report when a condition is true or false:

// Normal report usage
if(! Auth::user()->isAdmin()){
report('Is route need permission user');
// Shorten/avoid `if` with:
'Is route need permission admin'
'Is route need permission user'

These helpers are optional—you are free to use them or not :)

Custom mutex name of scheduled events

Andrej Mihaliak contributed a callback to resolve a custom mutex name of scheduled events:

$schedule->command('do-something', ['--uuid' => 'b4d5f926-e1b5-4285-b068-cf1d623a0635'])
->description('Do something important.')
->createMutexNameUsing(fn (Event $event) => 'schedule-task-'.sha1($event->description));

Check out Pull Request #45126 for complete details.

Release Notes

You can see the complete list of new features and updates below and the diff between 9.41.0 and 9.42.0 on GitHub. The following release notes are directly from the changelog:



  • Added --rest option to queue:listen (00a12e2, 82fde9e)
  • Added Illuminate/Support/Stringable::isUlid() (#45100)
  • Add news report_if and report_unless helpers functions (#45093)
  • Add callback to resolve custom mutex name of schedule events (#45126)
  • Add WorkOptions to WorkerStopping Event (#45120)
  • Added singleton and creatable options to Illuminate/Routing/Console/ControllerMakeCommand (#44872)


  • Fix pure enums validation (#45121)
  • Prevent test issues with relations with the $touches property (#45118)
  • Fix factory breaking when trying to determine whether a relation is empty (#45135)


  • Allow set command description via AsCommand attribute (#45117)
  • Updated Mailable to prevent duplicated recipients (#45119)

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