Laravel 9.9 Released


April 20th, 2022

Laravel 9.9 Released

The Laravel team released 9.9 with a configurable pluralizer, getAllTables() support for SQLite and SQLServer, an Eloquent Builder convenience method, the ability to call throw() in a PendingRequest, and more:

Get All Tables Support for SQLite and SQLServer

JHavens and Derek MacDonald contributed the ability to call getAllTables() on SQLite and SQLServer connections:


Eloquent Builder withoutEagerLoads() Method

D. Nagy Gergő contributed a withoutEagerLoads() method to the Eloquent Builder class. It's convenience method for the following:

// Before
// After

Add a "throw" Method to the PendingRequest Class

Ash Allen contributed a throw() method you can use on a PendingRequest when using Laravel's HTTP client:

private function client(): PendingRequest
return Http::baseUrl('')
'Authorization' => 'Token ' . config('services.revue.api_key'),

Configurable Pluralizer

@cesarep contributed configurable pluralizer language and uncountable words. See Pull Request #41941 for details on this PR.

Release Notes

You can see the complete list of new features and updates below and the diff between 9.8.0 and 9.9.0 on GitHub. The following release notes are directly from the changelog:



  • Add getAllTables support for SQLite and SQLServer schema builders (#41896)
  • Added withoutEagerLoads() method to Builder (#41950)
  • Added 'throw' method to PendingRequest (#41953)
  • Configurable pluralizer language and uncountables (#41941)


  • Fixed Error in Illuminate/Routing/Exceptions/StreamedResponseException (#41955)
  • Fix PHP warnings when rendering long blade string (#41956)
  • Fix ExcludeIf regression to use Closure over is_callable() (#41969)
  • Fixes applying replacements to multi-level localization arrays (#42022)


  • Improved Illuminate/Foundation/Http/Middleware/TrimStrings.php and Str::squish() (#41949, #41971)
  • Use config session domain for maintenance cookie (#41961)
  • Revert lazy command forcing (#41982)

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