A New Major Version of Ignition Debuts in Laravel 9


January 21st, 2022

A New Major Version of Ignition Debuts in Laravel 9

The team at Spatie released a significant new version of Ignition, the default error page for Laravel. The new version of Ignition will debut as the default error page in Laravel 9, and you can also install it in Laravel 8 applications.

Some of the major features available in this new version of Ignition include:

  • Default error page for Laravel 9
  • Use the next version of Ignition in Laravel 8
  • Framework-agnostic Ignition package for PHP projects
  • Light, Dark, and auto themes
  • Save settings from the error page to the ~/.ignition.json file
  • Sticky error message always stays displayed
  • Customizable "open in editor" to open in your preferred editor
  • Collect dump() calls and displays them in a separate tab
  • Show queries made during the request with query timings
  • Sharing options for Flare

Not only is Ignition ready for the next generation of Laravel applications, but a framework-agnostic PHP version is also available as well at spatie/ignition. The framework-agnostic version also supports solutions, using the ProvidesSolution interface. It will be interesting to see if this package gains traction in other areas of the PHP ecosystem.

For those who want a more detailed visual walk-through, check out Freek Van der Herten’s screencast:

You can learn more about this package and view the source code on GitHub at spatie/laravel-ignition. To install the PHP framework-agnostic version of Ignition, check out spatie/ignition on GitHub.

To learn more about the significant features in Ignition and a more detailed write-up, check out Freek Van der Herten's post about Ignition's major redesign and update.

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