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June 20th, 2014

Laracasts has released a few episodes this week dealing with worst technology on the web, Email.

Testing Email

Email is an integral part of any web application. So, naturally, you’ll want to test these emails to ensure that they look as you’d expect. Well, how exactly might you do that? Sure, we could mock the mailer, but wouldn’t it be nice if we could instead use a real SMTP server for testing? Let’s take a look!

Laracasts, Crons, and Emails

Why don’t you come along with me, as I add a new feature to the codebase. Specifically, I’d like to notify all users each Friday of the lessons that have been saved to their respective “Watch Later” lists. How might we accomplish such a thing?

Laravel with Mandrill

Sure, when you need to send email from your application, you could always create a new Gmail account, and use those settings. But this breaks down really quickly! Instead, let’s use a dedicated service, like Mandrill!

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