Laravel announces v5.1 will be LTS


May 1st, 2015

Laravel announces v5.1 will be LTS

Laravel has just announced that version 5.1 will be the first release to offer long time support.

Here is what Taylor had to say about why now is the right time to start offering this:

The last Symfony LTS release was Symfony 2.3 in June of 2013. Two years ago Laravel was not nearly the size it is today. It wasn’t really clear that Laravel would become as widely adopted as it has, thus the need for an LTS release wasn’t as obvious. It is now used by many more very large corporations.

Since Symfony 2.7 will be the next LTS release in May / June of this year, this is the first real opportunity to get on board with LTS releases in a few years, since we would not want do an LTS release without the underlying HttpFoundation component also having the same LTS support.

It hasn’t been announced yet if this will carry the same life cycle as Symfony which releases an LTS version every two years. Then each LTS version is supported for a three year period for bug fixes, and for a four year period for security issue fixes.

I’m sure more details will be announced soon and this is great for companies investing in Laravel and the future of the framework.

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