Laravel API Toolkit


September 1st, 2023

Laravel API Toolkit

Laravel API Toolkit supercharges your API development with standardized responses, dynamic pagination, and more. At the time of writing, it supports the following features:

  • Schema support
  • Pagination helpers
  • API Generator Command
  • API filtering
  • Actions
  • Media helpers
  • And more...

Using the provided api:generate Artisan command, you can easily generate all the key files needed, including controller, requests, resources, models, migrations, etc:

php artisan api:generate Customer \
"username:string|age:integer:nullable|company_id:foreignId|status:enum(new,old)" \

After running the above command, the following files are created, giving you everything you need to start building the Customer API:

api:generate command example

Filtering is another useful feature in this package, giving you the ability to define which fields you can filter on. Given the example of a Car model, here's what your filter configuration might look like:

namespace App\Models;
use Essa\APIToolKit\Filters\Filterable;
class Car extends Model
use Filterable;
protected string $default_filters = CarFilters::class;
// Other model code...

And the CarFilters class might look like:

namespace App\Filters;
use Essa\APIToolKit\Filters\QueryFilters;
class CarFilters extends QueryFilters
protected array $allowedFilters = ['color', 'model_id'];
protected array $columnSearch = [];
// GET /cars?color=red

Actions is another feature that you can use in this package to encapsulate business logic within distinct classes that you can use to compose

namespace App\Actions;
class CreateCar
public function execute($data)
// ...
// usage example in a controller
public function store(Request $request)

To get started with this package, check out the documentation at You can learn more about this package, get full installation instructions, and view the source code on GitHub.

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