Laravel Bash Aliases

I don’t use a lot of aliases but I do rely on artisan autocomplete in ZSH. To try and improve my workflow I asked on Twitter if anyone had any useful Laravel bash aliases and had some great responses. Below is a list and I’m sure you will find some goodies:

Chris Fidao

alias ll="ls -lah" # List all, with human readable filesizes
alias c="clear" # Typing the whole word is annoying
alias h="cd ~/" # Go home

alias v='vagrant version && vagrant global-status'
alias vst='vagrant status'
alias vup='vagrant up'
alias vdo='vagrant halt'
alias vssh='vagrant ssh'
alias vkill='vagrant destroy'

This works with git status -sb, and will lint any PHP files that have been modified

alias lint="git status -sb | awk '/s/{print $2}' | sed 1d | xargs -n1 php -l"

Andrew Westrope

alias pa="php artisan"
alias par="php artisan routes"
alias pam="php artisan migrate"
alias pam:r="php artisan migrate:refresh"
alias pam:roll="php artisan migrate:rollback"
alias pam:rs="php artisan migrate:refresh --seed"
alias pda="php artisan dumpautoload"
alias cu="composer update"
alias ci="composer install"
alias cda="composer dump-autoload -o"


Saves quite a bit of typing

alias art="php artisan"

I added this one as I found myself absent-mindedly typing the whole word now and then

alias artisan = "php artisan"

Handy to add new domains to the host file after mapping on Homestead.yaml

alias edit-host="sudo pico /etc/hosts"

Reset and reseed database

alias db-reset="php artisan migrate:reset && php artisan migrate --seed"

Dwight Watson

I use one alias, and an SSH config.

alias hs="cd ~/Sites/homestead && vagrant up"

To get into the box, I put my SSH config file (~/.ssh/config):

Host homestead
User vagrant
Port 2222

Now, I can type ‘ssh homestead’ to get into the box. Might not be the shortest alias, but I find using the SSH config file makes it easy when you have lots of boxes/servers to get into all the time.

Jeremy Worboys

export PATH="vendor/bin:$PATH"

alias c='clear'
alias l='ls -FlAGh'
alias test="clear && phpunit"
alias art='php artisan'
alias pubkey="/bin/cat ~/.ssh/ | pbcopy"
alias name="uname -n | tee /dev/ttys001 | pbcopy"
alias vapro="curl -L > Vagrantfile"
alias chrome="/usr/bin/open -a /Applications/Google"

function convertarrays() {
    curl "" -o convert.php
    find . -name "*.php" ! -path "*vendor*" -exec php "convert.php" -w "{}" ;
    rm convert.php

Yitzchok Willroth

Sorry, couldn’t resist… ;) Hope it made you smile.

alias phart='php artisan';

Do you have any that haven’t been mentioned? Share in the comments.

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