Win $1500 in the first Laravel Blog Writing Contest


May 24th, 2018

Taylor Otwell is hosting a contest for the “most helpful/insightful/useful” Laravel blog post written by a community member. The grand prize for the winner is $1,500 cash delivered via PayPal.

What Topics are OK?

Since this is a Laravel blog contest, the post should be about something in the Laravel ecosystem:

The post can be about any technical topic related to Laravel, Forge, Envoyer, Spark, Horizon, Echo, Cashier, etc. Feel free to share helpful tricks you learned while working on a project, architecture tips, or general tutorials about working with Laravel.

Winner Selection

You need to submit your article as an issue to the contest repository where the title of the issue you create is the title of your blog post. The winner will be determined by the GitHub issue with the largest number of “thumbs up” emojis.

You should only include a link to the original post, and this must be an original post that you create between May 22nd-31st, 2018. This must be an original blog post, not old resurrected posts. Only new posts.

Learn More

Please read the Laravel Blog Contest — May Mayhem Edition announcement post carefully for full contest rules and info. Be sure to check out the full details before submitting! We plan on publishing a list of our favorite posts at the conclusion of the contest.

Happy writing!

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