Laravel Cashier 10 Released with Compliance for SCA Regulations


August 14th, 2019

Laravel Cashier 10 Released with Compliance for SCA Regulations

The next major version of Laravel Cashier (v10) was released yesterday with significant improvements including support for new Stripe APIs and support for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulations in the EU.

We’re happy to announce the release of Cashier 10.0, which provides support for the currently recommended Stripe APIs and European SCA regulations. This is a major upgrade. Thank you to all the hard work by Laravel developer @driesvints!

— Laravel (@laravelphp) August 13, 2019

As mentioned in the Tweet from the official Laravel Twitter account, Laravel developer Dries Vints worked hard on this release and preparing Cashier to support the new regulations. Stop by Twitter and congratulate him on this huge milestone!

As pointed out in the upgrade guide, if you have a business in the EU you should check out Stripe’s guide on PSD2 and SCA and their document on the Strong Customer Authentication APIs.

To use Cashier v10, a few libraries have new minimum required versions:

  • Minimum Laravel version is v5.8
  • Minimum Symfony dependencies are v4.3
  • Minimum Stripe SDK version is v6.40
  • Minimum Carbon version is v2.0

For those upgrading from earlier versions, you should check out the extensive upgrade guide for full details of all the changes. Also be sure to check out the official documentation to get started with Cashier, including documentation on the new SCA regulations.

Here’s the relevant changelog info related to Cashier v10 if you want to learn more:

v10.0.0 (2019-08-13)


  • Allow hasIncompletePayment() to check other subscriptions than “default” (#733)
  • Add indexes to those columns used to lookup data in the database (#739)


  • Fixed a label with an incorrect for attribute (#732)

v10.0.0-beta.2 (2019-08-02)


  • Add latestPayment method on Subscription (#705)
  • Allow custom filename for invoice download (#723)


  • Improve stripe statuses (#707)
  • Refactor active subscription state (#712)
  • Return invoice object when applicable (#711)
  • Refactor webhook responses (#722)
  • Refactor confirm payment mail to notification (#727)


  • Fix createSetupIntent (#704)
  • Fix subscription invoicing (#710)
  • Fix null return for latestPayment method (#730)


  • Remove unused $customer parameter on updateQuantity method (#729)

v10.0.0-beta (2019-07-17)

Cashier 10.0 is a major release. Please review the upgrade guide thoroughly.

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