Laravel Charting Package


October 24th, 2016

Laravel Charting Package

Creating charts is often a pain because of how you have to convert your data into what the charting library supports and each library is different.

To help make this easier Erik Campobadal created a new Laravel chart package to create interactive charts. It supports a dozen of the most popular charting libraries from standard line and bar charts, to real time charting libraries.

To create your own chart it uses a familiar fluent syntax

1Charts::multi('line', 'highcharts')
2 ->setColors(['#ff0000', '#00ff00', '#0000ff'])
3 ->setLabels(['One', 'Two', 'Three'])
4 ->setDataset('Test 1', [1,2,3])
5 ->setDataset('Test 2', [0,6,0])
6 ->setDataset('Test 3', [3,4,1]);

Plus you can also create charts directly from your database:

1$chart = Charts::database(User::all(), 'bar', 'highcharts')
2 ->setElementLabel("Total")
3 ->setDimensions(1000, 500)
4 ->setResponsive(false)
5 ->groupByDay();

Real time charts can be setup like this:

1$chart = Charts::realtime(url('/path/to/json'), 1000, 'area', 'highcharts')
2 ->setResponsive(false)
3 ->setHeight(300)
4 ->setWidth(0)
5 ->setTitle("Permissions Chart")
6 ->setMaxValues(10);

For more information check out the official GitHub repo or watch the tutorial video:

This charting library supports a ton of options and seems to be really powerful for all your charting needs.

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