Laravel Cloud Source Code on GitHub


August 2nd, 2019

Laravel Cloud Source Code on GitHub

Update: After this post was originally published Taylor announced he made the Laravel Cloud private again. We will keep this post up for historical purposes but it is no longer accurate.

On Twitter, Taylor Otwell opened the source code of Laravel Cloud, his first attempt to build “Forge Pro.” This application was never released as a SaaS publicly, and was eventually replaced with Laravel Vapor:

I have mentioned Laravel Cloud, an abandoned attempt to build a "Forge Pro", several times. This project was eventually replaced by Vapor. However, the entire backend was completely finished. I have opened the source here if anyone is interested:

— Taylor Otwell (@taylorotwell) August 1, 2019

Regardless, this is a rare chance to get a glimpse of an application written by the creator of Laravel. You can see some of his code by purchasing software like Laravel Nova and Laravel Spark; and open-source projects like Laravel Horizon. However, this is a full Laravel application intended as a SaaS, which is a fairly unique opportunity for learning.

This code should only be used as an educational resource. In full, at the time of writing the project’s readme states (emphasis added):

Laravel Cloud was an attempt to build a “Forge Pro” for applications that needed more robust load balancing and scaling features.

This was eventually replaced by Laravel Vapor; however, I am open sourcing the code for review purposes since it is the only significant Laravel application I have written that I am able to open source.

Again, this code is only for review. This code may not be used or deployed for any purpose without my consent.

You can check out the repository on GitHub at taylorotwell/laravel-cloud. To learn more about Laravel Vapor—the serverless deployment platform for Laravel—check out Taylor’s intro to Vapor talk presented at Laracon VII:

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